Falling for Oversized Sweaters

As my 25th year rapidly approaches, I think I’ve finally found something I’ve longed for for most of my life, my personal style. I’ve never been much into clothes or shoes, but I recently read a book that inspired me to only pick up the things that I love, and I’ve embraced that in every aspect of my life.

Last Christmas, Darren and I took our annual festive trip into the city, where we go see the tree, stop at a Christmas market, walk along the city streets sipping hot chocolate and along the way I picked up something to stash in my Mom’s stocking, The Life-Changing Magic of Tiding Up by Marie Kondo. I ended up reading it on the train ride home, as my Mom tends to love things that look a little bit used as it is, I figured she wouldn’t mind. The entire book is based on the concept that the things that you own, you should love, if something in your home doesn’t bring you joy, it shouldn’t be there. I know what you’re thinking, this should of inspired me to clear out my wardrobe, not add to it, but it’s inspired me to do both.

Looking at my closet after I read the book, I realized none of the clothes in it brought me joy when I looked at them, they were just clothes that I bought for a particular outing, or because I needed something to wear under that thing or with that other thing, but they could all be donated and someone else could love them much better than me. Before throwing out everything I owned though, I needed to find pieces that I did love, so I’d have something to wear, and something that I could find joy in.

It’s been inspiring to find a sense of my own style, because it’s translated not only to my wardrobe, but also into my everyday life, choosing to embrace the things I love, and not to give too much thought to what other people may think. Also wearing clothes that you love makes you feel so happy and confident and utterly you! So whether it’s my makeup, my clothes, my shoes, or just my personality, I’ve chosen to embrace the person I am and the things that I love. I’ve decided to share with you a few pieces I’ve picked up recently that I adore, all fall knitwear, and I plan to add to this post as I continue building my fall wardrobe!

Here I’m in my new favorite oversized cozy sweater. This is from Zara and is a size small, it runs super big! I could definitely wear this as a dress with tights or leggings!


I always thought that oversized clothing was somewhat frumpy, until recently! I love to be warm and cozy, especially this time of year, and I’ve bought quite a few oversized sweaters to welcome the colder weather. I sometimes tuck this one into my jeans to give it a little shape, although I also think this would look amazing with a pair of leather leggings that I’ve been eyeing!

Then there’s this green velvet jacket that I threw over top of it. The brand is Vero Modo, and I got it on ASOS in a size small. LRG_DSC03256LRG_DSC03264

I love the color of this jacket and the fit of it, plus it’s super soft! I love this emerald green color for this time of year, and as a transition piece going into winter, plus it’s just the right heaviness to keep you warm on a fall day, without going overboard.

This is the best sweater I’ve ever owned, I am obsessed with it and I might order a back up in case I spill something on this one (do people do that?)! It’s by Zara and comes in navy and mustard as well! This is also a size small and is oversized! Find the next pom pom sweater on my wish list here, or this one (is there such thing as too many pom poms?)!


LRG_DSC03297LRG_DSC03296LRG_DSC03289LRG_DSC03293There’s just something about these rainbow fluffy pompoms that makes me feel like I’m 5 years old again. I had a pair of jeans covered in smiley faces that I adored when I was in kindergarten; I made my Mom cut them up when I outgrew them and I kept the smiley faces in my backpack – this sweater makes me feel as happy as those jeans did. When I said I’m only looking for clothing I love, this sweater is my clothing soul mate, it looks like my inner personality threw up on me! I get so many compliments when I wear this, and I truly believe that it has not so much to do with the sweater, but instead the glow of sheer happiness I have whenever I wear it.

This is my Christmas day sweater. It is currently out of stock, but it’s by Boohoo and I got it on ASOS, again in a size small! Here is another one on ASOS that is similar by Miss Selfridge and another one on Zara that is similar!


Again, I love this one! It’s so bright and I heard red is in this fall. I love this with a matching lip and sleek straight hair. Can we talk about how blue it makes my eyes too?!

I’ve had so much fun editing my wardrobe and I look on Instagram a lot for inspiration often saving posts of colors I like or styles; the websites I frequent are ASOS and Zara, and occasionally Nordstrom, one thing I’ve learned over the years is when it comes to clothing, quality is so much more important than quantity. I’d rather save for a piece I could have for five years than buy a bunch of stuff that barely survives one washing! These sweaters make me feel happy and confident and I hope I’ve inspired you to buy whatever you’ve been eyeing, as long as it brings you joy!


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  1. That pom pom sweater is too cute! You look gorgeous in red by the way!

    1. Thank you so much!!! I am living in the Pom Pom one!!!

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