Miami, Florida

As of three hours ago, I am officially on vacation; I’m not going anywhere or doing anything, it’s more of a stay-cation, but I needed a few days before the busy season at work, to tidy up, get some extra sleep, and do a few last minute fall things before it turns to winter. As much as I absolutely love this time of year, having a break from work makes me miss warmer weather, tropical drinks, and my toes in the sand. This year Darren and I did something that is so unlike us, we randomly booked a trip to Miami in June; we had never been and literally booked it maybe a week in advance. With it being v last minute and with Darren notoriously picking cringe hotels, I got to choose – I ended up picking one entirely based off of one of Tanya Burr’s vlogs (she has a cosmetics range, makes cookbooks, and has a big following on YouTube). It just looked like an absolute dream and so I didn’t tell Darren what it actually cost and booked a room at the Edition Hotel (disclaimer – Darren and I could never afford this place in it’s peak season, but in off season it was worth the splurge!)

The flight was short, less than three hours, and we grabbed an Uber to the hotel. As soon as we arrived someone opened our car doors and walked us in; I didn’t open another door for the next three days! The staff was so attentive and seemed genuinely happy to be there, which always adds to the experience. The hotel smelled amazing; tobacco, cedar, bergamot, and musk filled the air. The floors were marbled, everything was white and gold, there were giant leafy plants everywhere, and candles giving the hotel a romantic ambiance. Honestly, it’s the fanciest place we’ve ever been; I felt underdressed the whole time we were there!

The first day we woke up early, and walked out of the hotel gate and directly onto the beach; they set up chairs for you with stripe-y towels and have people to serve drinks and food. The water was perfect; we had so much fun splashing around in the ocean and soaking up the sun. We both got terrible sunburns, but ventured out for lunch. We went to a place called Orange Blossom and had the best pineapple mojito ever, and pretty good food too. We continued our beach day throughout the afternoon and decided to lounge around that evening as well.

The hotel had two gorgeous swimming pools, beds to lay on on an upstairs patio, a tiki lounge style bar, and a sandbox with projectors, fairy lights, and couches for an outdoor movie! Darren and I also took the time to walk down to Lincoln Road; we went to Dylan’s Candy Bar, tried a few places to eat down there, and did a little shopping.

The second day we were there we laid in bed all day watching Brooklyn Nine-nine, as I had the worst sunburn of my life and could hardly move (remember what I said about life looking perfect on Instagram?) …But on the third day we hung by the pool, found these comfy white floats and lots of lounge chairs, and had a mini photoshoot. We ordered drinks and lunch by the pool – margaritas and piña coladas and chips with sweet pea guacamole and sesame chicken with lime sauce – it was delicious, and it was so nice to not have to go anywhere all day!

The Miami Edition is literally the nicest, cleanest, most beautiful hotel I’ve ever been in; the location is opportunistic, the surrounding area doesn’t look or feel like a vacation destination, but we did find a few nice places to eat, and transportation there is super easy (they run a free trolley every 15 minutes or so, and Uber/Lyft is really popular down there). If I could do it all over again, we would stay in the same hotel and maybe eat a few more meals there, as our lunch by the pool was one of my favorite things we ate, plus it’s so convenient to beach and eat in the same spot! I wanted to try Under the Mango Tree, the smoothie place Tanya mentioned in her vlog, but it was a little further away than I realized! If we go again I would also go to Cecconi’s at Soho Beach House, as we walked by there a few times and it looked really intimate and cozy. Stay tuned to find out where we find ourselves sipping tropical drinks in 2018!


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