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I’ve never been much for home decor, but recently I re-discovered Pier1 and had a bit of a moment, where I slipped, fell, swiped my credit card, and ended up decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I love everything I bought, and I showed some restraint, scratch that, very little, if any, restraint. If you’re trying to save money or have a particular weak spot for woodland creatures and all things twinkle lights, PLEASE BE WARNED – there is no turning back. I walked in, filled my arms, dreamed of table-scapes for tables I don’t even have, finished my Starbucks, and walked out with three huge bags – a lovely sales associate did enable me and that’s my excuse, so what?!

Walking in, I instantly felt Christmas-y, before I knew it I was overwhelmed, I didn’t know I needed picture frames that were battery operated and lit up, let alone that they even existed (don’t worry Darren I didn’t actually buy that, but only because it said 2017, and it’s like almost over, so I should wait for the 2018 one, CAN I GO BACK TOMORROW)! Anyway,  now my house is sooo cozy, I just had to share!

The first thing I fell in love with was this candle holder! I love it because it isn’t a decoration that has to go away the day after Christmas, it just looks wintery, so you can use it all season long. I got red candles to make it look a little more festive, but for January I would switch out the red ones for white ones to make it look a little more wintery and a little less festive! I added battery operated fairy lights to cozy it up a bit and I think it’s so pretty. I used a 20% off coupon advertised on their website’s home page to feel like I got a good deal, and the candles were BOGO!


Speaking of which, these candles, THESE CANDLES, smell so good! They are apple cider in wax form. I love the smell of apple this time of year, as it smells like there is always a pie in the oven. These are the spiced apple candles that I picked up!

Let’s talk fairy lights; I know you can get twinkle lights like everywhere this time of year, but I, of course, have an opinion on these too! I found my absolute favorite fairy lights  and their from Urban Outfitters! I’ve bought the battery operated and the plug in, and they come on a copper wire, which just adds a little special touch that makes them look a little nicer than the ones on a regular cord.


Okay up next, this set of little Christmas trees! It’s a four pack of really nicely made Christmas trees in little pots dusted in glitter, they’re all varying heights and the pots are all slightly different sizes, making each one unique! I think they’re so cute on my nightstand and I have a few more on my dresser!


I found the little house at Target for $3! I couldn’t find the same one on their website, but this one is a lot like it; I found it in the dollar bins right when you walk in, and it’s made out of ceramic and holds a tea light candle! I love it! All of my bedroom furniture is white, and I kind of like the simplicity of straight lines and simple design, and this fits right in, they had a few different styles so I’m sure I’ll be back for more!

Also worth mentioning is the coaster on my nightstand, they’ve got a nice marble design, and are really heavy and substantial, I got them at Pier1, as well, in a set of four, and they’re perfect for holding mugs/cups, but also for setting three wick candles on, they’re just the right size!


I also picked up these birch nesting stands, they came in a three pack; I put two with the festive candle holder downstairs and one in my bedroom, as I thought it looked again wintery, without being overly Christmas-y, again the perfect size for three wick candles!

The last thing on my dresser is this basalm candle from Bath and Body Works; this is Christmas tree in a candle and I absolutely adore this smell! National candle day is December 3rd and it is generally the best sale they run all year on three wick candles – so get your coupons ready!


I’ll be sure to update this post if I buy anything else for Christmas home decor, so stay tuned!



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  1. Dani says:

    Great post! I️ love your photos! Thanks for sharing🙂

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