Bouqs, Birthdays, and Winc

Last week, we celebrated my mom’s birthday! My mom is lucky enough to have a June birthday, which means the weather is always perfect for our annual celebration. This year we had a night-in, complete with Chinese food and wine, and this birthday I was especially pleased with the gifts we went for and wanted to share!

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My mom and I have a shared love of peonies, and sadly the ones in our garden this year didn’t really bloom, so I knew I wanted to have peonies delivered for her special day. I always see ads for Bouqs, but had never ordered from them, but when I saw a special offer for Bouqs I decided to give them a shot and I am so glad I did! The peonies arrived as blooms and then opened up throughout the day, which was absolutely stunning to watch. Right now, Bouqs is offering 25% off on flower orders and they even offer a subscription flower service, which is so tempting, imagine having fresh flowers in the house every week!

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I also ordered my mom this adorable sign from Magnolia, Joanna and Chip Gaines’ shop; if you’ve ever seen Fixer Upper, it’s one of Jimmy Don’s designs! I absolutely love this as a birthday gift for my mom, as together really is our favorite place to be, but also think it would make an absolutely lovely house warming gift for someone too, or a gift if you and your special someone are moving in!

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I’ve always wanted to try Winc, I’m a sucker for subscription services and love the idea of getting something in the mail every month and knowing my mom, this was the perfect gift! She always buys the exact same wine and rarely reaches for anything new. Winc lets you choose the ratio of reds and whites, for Ab we did 1 red, 3 whites, and every wine they send you they list tasting notes and recommended meals to pair it with, which makes me feel like a Sommelier. The wines all have cute packaging and using Ab’s link to sign up for Winc saves you $20! I’m planning a full blog post on subscription services, so stay tuned for my official review, and maybe some notes from mom too!

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