What I’ve Learned About Blogging and Writing in the Past Year

Wednesday my blog turns 1 year old and I feel like the proudest Mama of this little space on the internet. This blog has been my baby, keeping me up late, or even sometimes all night, and I’m so happy that I’ve stuck with it for an entire year, and can finally reflect back on some things I’ve learned about blogging and writing since first starting last October!

Write It Down

My first tip for anyone blogging, is when you think of something, write it down. I can’t tell you how often an idea completely escapes me that I thought of driving by the time I get to my destination! I’ve gotten in the habit of pulling over and making a note on my phone, or even having Siri make a reminder for me. For whatever reason, I brainstorm best in the car, and often can better formulate structure and how I want a “story” or post to flow while driving. So if you have an idea, don’t lose it out the open window!

Don’t Be Afraid To Hit Delete

A lot of times, the final version you guys see here, is far from what the post started as, especially the pieces about my dad. Just the other day I wrote an entire post, only to delete the whole thing. I think sometimes getting out the first draft and realizing you don’t like the structure or emotion you’re conveying can help you figure out what you are trying to say. A lot of times, I will write paragraphs and then hit enter a bunch of times, until I have a “clean page” and start an entirely different post that might convey a similar emotion. I save a lot of the “scraps” incase they one day turn into something, but it’s so good to just write, write, write, and then totally revise!

Use It Up

This one is so important! The thing I had a misconception about when I first started blogging is that I might feel creative everyday. I would try and sit down everyday and force creativity and the thing I’ve learned is that creativity doesn’t work like that! So, on days that I feel like writing or feel creative I use every ounce of creativity and motivation I have to make up for days that I don’t feel creative, or like writing. I also focus on what I feel like doing – some days I might take pictures for future posts, or to have some extra “stock” photos, and some days I feel like actually getting the content out. When I first started, I would write four posts in one day and publish them immediately thinking I could do it again tomorrow, which brings me to my next point…

Schedule Accordingly

If you make four posts in one day, schedule them out for the month! Let’s face it, one or two posts a week is consistent, four posts in one day is annoying!


This might be my best tip, on days that I’ve set out to have a “blogging” day and just don’t feel like it, I shower, do my hair, and do my makeup, I might stay in pajama pants, but something about getting ready, even at 4 o’clock in the afternoon makes me feel more myself and more productive, when I look good, I feel good, and when I feel, well, anything…I write!

Thanks for hanging out with me the past year, and I hope you’re enjoying all the posts this October, I’ve had so much fun with all the fall content and can’t wait to spend another year on my little space on the internet.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love it, Stephanie and one day I think your thoughts/ideas are going to become a book, maybe
    a novel but definitely there is something waiting for you to write it. xo

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