The Christmas Edit – What Darren Got Me for Christmas

Hi everyone! I hope you all had the most amazing Christmas, I know I did and I wanted to share with you (in hopefully the least braggy way possible) what Darren got me, as it seems to be the only question I’m getting asked the past few days. Darren and I have decided in our relationship, I am the hotel picker and the better gift giver, but this year he stepped up his game and got me the loveliest presents ever! He literally bought me everything from my Christmas wish list that I posted, which I honestly never thought he would even see.

Firstly, Darren is always v concerned with my level of cozy and he just made me the coziest and warmest I’ve ever been. He got me this robe and these slippers from Nordstrom and I swear I want to quit my job, work from home, and never take off this TopShop robe AND it’s on sale right now (40% off)! I was so impressed with him as I started opening presents because generally he doesn’t read my blog, but I got more excited as I noticed his little gift theme.

Can I also just mention? The cutest thing ever happened the other night in Target. I told Darren I needed one more roll of wrapping paper, and he said he needed to pick some up too. As I looked at each roll trying to decide if it matched my gift wrap theme, he asked “What should be my wrapping paper theme?” I laughed, thinking he was joking, but then as I turned around he held up a metallic gold and metallic silver paper and said, “Do these go together?” I nearly teared up; Darren would do anything to make me happy, including making my already too-perfect gifts look aesthetically pleasing too.

Next, Darren got me something that wasn’t on the blog. The week before Christmas we went down to the city and stopped in Jo Malone; I sniffed for a new perfume, but couldn’t decide. The one I thought I would love most didn’t stand out to me like I thought it would, Blackberry & Bay, and I ended up loving the type of fragrance I always go for, a citrus one, Nectarine Blossom & Honey. I took one of the samplers and said I had to think about it, spritzing myself with the latter on the way out the door, little did I know Darren made a note on his phone right then to write down what I had liked.

He bought me Blackberry & Bay in a candle since I liked it, but not necessarily as a perfume, which I thought was so smart!

This is my second Jo Malone perfume and I love them so much. They last all day, the packaging is beautiful. They are expensive, but most perfumes are and the scents are just so beautiful and unique!

Darren got me the most beautiful necklace too. The one I posted about from Etsy. I really wanted a delicate diamond necklace that was simple, but sophisticated, but not overstated, that way I could wear it every day and this is absolutely perfect. It is so beautiful and delicate and shiny and I’ve already gotten endless compliments on how it suits me so well.

So this one is a little funny, because Darren got me the same ring I bought myself for Christmas. I kind of impulsively ordered it one day and didn’t mention it, so I ended up with two of the prettiest rings I’ve ever seen. They’re by Chloe + Lois and it’s the “Gold Fizz Ring.” It is so delicate and I have worn them both everyday since getting them. They stack perfectly and match my new necklace so well too! I found Chloe + Lois on Instagram because I followed a lot of Hudson Valley photographers, one of whom mentioned the brand. I then followed the Instagram, run by owner Brooke, who seems so incredibly sweet and bubbly. She actually sent me the sweetest message about my blog, which is what prompted me to finally place my order, not knowing that Darren was simultaneously placing his. I’m so glad I ended up with two of the rings because they are that beautiful and like I said, make the perfect sparkly stack!

At work the other day someone came up to me and said “Is that a Chloe + Lois?” and I couldn’t wait to talk about how much I loved my new rings!

Darren also got me this sweater. It might look like a pretty normal sweater, but Darren bought it for me because it is just like my favorite sweater of his, which I steal all the time. Little does he know that his will always be my favorite, because it smells like him too.

I thought it only fair to post what Darren got me, since I posted what I got him; let me know what you guys want to see in the new year, as I think this will be my last Christmas post!


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