Red, White, and Blue – Summer BBQ-Inspired Clothing Haul – ZARA, Topshop, and ASOS

Hello again! I’m currently dreaming of a world where I have holiday weekends off and can enjoy the summer poolside with a beer in hand and cheeseburgers sizzling on the grill nearby, which prompted me to put together this red, white, and blue, summer BBQ-inspired clothing haul! Today’s picks are perfect to wear for your 4th of July get together, and all summer long, that way you can be sizzling too…ACS_0263This red polka-dot dress is from ZARA and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. Is it weird that when I see a piece of clothing I write a little narrative for it in my head? Just picture this red dress flowing in the summer breeze walking through a wild flower field during golden hour, holding hands with babe, straw basket and freshly picked flowers in tow. Just for reference this is a size medium, honestly I wish they had an extra medium there, because I am exacltly between a small and medium, but the tie waist on this makes it easier to fake a fitted look. I paired this with all white Converse, my go-to $5 gold hoop earrings, and my Quay Invader cat-eye sunnies (no longer available) and I love this for a summer get together. It’s so effortless, while still looking styled, imagine the cute Instagram featuring you and all your pals: red, white, and you!ACS_0266Let’s talk jean jackets, they are the perfect summer jacket, making any dress/jumpsuit/whatever look instantly styled, but for me, the sleeves are always too short, and they always fit kinda funny and cropped and not quite right, but then I found this ZARA jean jacket, which I love, it’s in a size small and the sleeves are perfectly long for my too-long arms. It’s got just enough pockets and I am living for light-wash denim this season (I linked the darker wash, as this one is currently sold out, still super cute)! I paired this with my favorite necklace from Etsy, which I’ve worn everyday since I got it, thanks Darren! This is perfect for that 4th of July party that goes into the evening, cue the fireworks.ACS_0280When I put on this white eyelet Topshop jumpsuit I immediately face-timed Darren told him to look at how cute I am while spinning in circles and asked if we could get married with me wearing this, okay, I’m kidding, the first thing I said is “is this too much side boob? I’ve never felt prettier in my life, but also can you see my left nipple?” SO, yes this is a total win, it’s a size six (Topshop runs SMALL) it looks like all my summer jumpsuit dreams realized, but there’s a CATCH, the side boob, nip-slip potential is REAL. Now, the model in the pictures had a t-shirt on underneath and now I know why, but that’s not the look I’m going for, I tried a lacey bra for kind of an on trend, showing my bra moment, hated it, tried a white bandeau, thinking it would be nondescript, too descript, and ended up going with some nip stickers. That all being said, I still absolutely love this look and would wear it to any pre-Labor Day event! It could even double as a bathing suit cover up.ACS_0275I’ve also been living in this jumpsuit that I bought last year that just so happens to still be available! This cute gingham jumpsuit is ASOS and I’ve already worn it a ton this year! It’s perfect for those inbetween days, where the sun is shining, but shorts would give you goosebumps, so you want to look cute, be comfy, but also look like you’re not trying too hard. Again, I’ve been pairing this with a jean jacket and Converse and love the look! The sleeves, the bow, I’m obsessed, plus, the best part? It’s currently under $30!!! This outfit makes me want a hot dog real bad (Legally Blonde, anyone?)!ACS_0293When I first saw this t-shirt it was love at first sight, but then I went back and forth sooo many times, cue internal monologue, “does a happily ever after t mean people are going to ask on repeat when Darren and me are getting married, no I’m a strong independent woman and that is my happily ever after, he’s just my person and that’s cool too, and I’m embracing it and me, but honestly, it’s just a white tee?” SO I bought it and love it, nothing like a statement t, paired with just about anything!ACS_0298


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