19 Best Things I Bought in 2019

Hi everyone – welcome back – today’s post is a little different, instead of grabbing a Kleenex, grab your credit card because I’m breaking down the 19 best things I bought in 2019!

1. Revlon Hairdryer


First things first, I bought this hair dryer at the recommendation of an Instagram influencer and while it’s never taken me longer to blow dry my hair – this “one-step hair dryer and volumizer” is serving my hair with Kate Middleton realness. Admittedly, even though it takes me double the time, it gives me a salon-like look I’ve never achieved before!

2. Olive & June Nail Polishes


Olive and June polish is a mani must have, seriously I’ve never been happier with my nails, their polish is long-lasting, shiny, and durable, the colors are beaut, and they even sell ombre mani kits on their site – I’M OBSESSED. Also I’m officially a self-declared mani-QUEEN. Read more about my love affair with their nail polish, here.

3. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%


This year I’ve really struggled with my skin – have you read any of Chrissy Teigen’s tweets about the zit she had on her chin for 2 YEARS – well I’ve had the same patch of breakouts along my jawline and chin for about 6 months and nothing seemed to do the trick. Of course, the last thing I tried was this $5.90 miracle zit potion magic from Sephora. Admittedly, it is drying, but it is the only thing that reduced redness, minimized the breakouts, and eventually left me with untextured skin. I’ve also been using this peeling solution, which makes my face feel like it might fall off, but leaves me looking fresh faced, so WORTH.

4. Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser + Solution


Speaking of my skin care journey, I’ve tried lots of new face washes this year – my “Is It a Scam? Buying Sponsored Products on Instagram” blog post had me doing a lot of “research” and Glossier was a brand that kept popping up, it’s also a brand that a lot of girls I know IRL recommended, and I have to say – this is officially the best face wash I’ve ever used, it’s gentle, it’s not outrageously expensive, and the smell is mild enough that I think I can tolerate it for forever.

5. NYX Butter Gloss Lipglosses


These NYX butter gloss lipglosses are so buttery! They’re not too sticky, not too heavy, my hair doesn’t get stuck in them, and they’re named after my favorite sweets – my faves? Tiramisu and Praline!

6. Barefoot Dreams Blanket


This is the best blanket of all time – I’ve given it as a gift – to a friend, to my dad, but this year I gifted it to myself and I literally sleep with it every night – it’s so soft and cozy and honestly, just a dream – not to mention Nordstrom pretty consistently has it for 25% off!

7. Amazon Rainbow Catchers

These are something I didn’t even know existed until I started my new job – my office is filled with them. Basically, it’s a glass pendent that reflects sunlight as a rainbow onto walls and they are BEAUT – honestly they’re gold for $10.99.

8. Amazon Twinkle Lights

These aren’t just one of the best things I purchased in 2019 – it’s literally the best $17.99 I ever spent. I bought these twinkle lights, some really inexpensive sheer curtains from Target and have all the twinkle light magic in me and Darren’s new place. Why do twinkle lights bring me sooo much joy?! They’re festive and cozy, and they have a ton of settings too.

9. Target Round Mirror


I had looked at a very similar mirror on West Elm – that was double the price, when on sale, when I saw this one at Target it was, to me, an obvious dupe, and I’m so glad I saved instead of splurged! I’m so happy with the way this looks!

10. Bodum French Press


When I say I’ve tried every coffee pot ever, I’m talking Keurig, Nespresso, Ninja, I’ve spent upwards and over $200 on some coffee pots and honestly nothing makes a better cup of coffee than this $19.99 French Press – do I feel like I’m reliving my days as a barista at Starbucks – yes, do I mind? No! This coffee is so good, I’d put on my green apron one more time! Also – Darren and I are so obsessed, that we actually bought a backup for when we inevitably break this one…

11. Madewell Jeans


This year I’ve fluctuated between +5 and -5 pounds, nothing like being sad to make you not eat, then overeat and do it all over again. I was squeezing into some too tight jeans and felt bloat-y and miserable all day every day. Then, I decided to suck it up and size up. These jeans are the dream – they’re so high waisted, have a button front, and make me feel like I’m wearing my skinny jeans, even if I’m not.

12. Amazon Leggings


On Black Friday I ordered a few pair of leggings from some reputable fitness websites – after washing and drying for the first time they looked like I had had them for YEARS – needless to say, I wasn’t impressed, I saw really great reviews on YouTube for these Amazon leggings and honestly I’m so happy – they’re super high-waisted, super stretchy, and are blacker than black, even after a fluff and fold. I already ordered a second pair and they’re pretty much all I wear to the gym!

13. Madewell Cardigan


Okay – so I’m like officially a grown up because I own wool sweaters that I have to take to the dry cleaners. I bought a TON of stuff from Madewell this year and I really love their cardigans. I bought this one in 3 different colors…

14. KJP Sweaters


If you follow an Instagram that has the most beaut fall pics – you’re probably following KJP. Disclaimer – Darren and I are obsessed with Newport, Rhode Island and the KJP store is actually in Newport – funny enough, after I found these cute/quality sweaters I was going through my camera roll and Darren and I have a picture outside of the store, I don’t think we went in – but I was meant to find these Instragrammable sweaters for sure!

15. Hunter Rainboots


I’ve wanted a pair of Hunter rainboots for forever and this fall I finally made a splash and dove right in to the purchase. I was so torn between the gloss red and the matte hunter green – have a very weird feeling I’ll end up with both, there’s a 30% chance that I’m already prepared for next fall’s rain.

16. Stars Above Sweatpants

Do these sweatpants shed in the wash? YES. Do I love them? ALSO YES. Did I lie to Darren when he asked why there was lint on all his clothes – YES – OKAY I BLAMED THE TOWELS. These pants may shed and might get less cozy with normal wear and tear, but I want to live in them, I feel like the more they fall apart the more they put me back together. They’re $20 bucks and so worth grabbing on your next Target run!

17. Thread and Supply


This is the comfiest piece of loungewear/outerwear I’ve ever owned. I love to wear it around the apartment when I’m cold, or throw it on if I need something light on the way to the gym – its got a HUGE pocket and is so fuzzy and so soft – WARNING – the dryer kinda takes away some of the cuddliness, but I still really like it.

18. Anthropologie Planner


I know we’re all in the search for the perfect planner, and I think I’ve found mine. All I really want in a planner is a Notes section, and a monthly calendar. I hate the daily break, I don’t need a layout of the week. I need like 12 pages, plus a Notes section. While this one has a daily breakdown – they’re big, giant boxes that I can actually write stuff in and I like the color scheme! Anthropologie has the cutest selection – so if you’re trying to make some plans, check them out! Full disclosure – I bought this one for a Christmas present and actually liked it so much I gifted it to myself.

19. My favorite pens


Okay – this might be the nerdiest thing on my list – but these are my favorite pens EVER – they’re inky, they’re smooth, they’re like $1 each on Amazon.


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