stephanielecain .com – An Overdue Introduction

Hi there!

It’s recently come to my attention that I’m getting some new traffic on here and I thought an introduction was in order and honestly, a bit overdue! I’m Stephanie, a bubbly, blonde, bookish 27 year old, who loves words and dogs. My parents were going to name me Pavlina Stefania after a Czech relative, but settled for Stephanie Pauline thus forever changing the course of my life. I believe wholeheartedly that I could have been a Victoria’s Secret model had they stuck with Pavlina, just based on the name , but since they settled for Stephanie I was forced to get an English degree. Funny thing about that, I really wanted to go to school for Art History for a month, but my dad begged me to choose something more practical, I picked English – jokes on both of us, he thought I’d be a lawyer and I thought I’d be a novelist, but instead here we are, the short and sweet story of:

If you’re new around here, you’re probably wondering what I’m all about – my aspirations are simple, I want a Golden Retriever named Percy, a white house with stairs and a rose garden, and a life filled with stories, those I write and those of loved ones I carry with me.

I started my blog in October 2017 – I was feeling as if I were on the edge of a quarter-life crisis. In high school, if you asked anyone, well teachers really, they’d say I had SO much potential and something about life feeling less beautiful than I thought it would be made me feel like I had failed myself and all of those teachers, little did I know my life was about to change forever.

If you’re wondering what I write about –

I was young and in love once, twice, well three times really and I’ve written about first loves, second loves, heartbreak and being thankful for it, you can read more about all that here:

Letter To My Teenage Self

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

thank u, next – Why Just Like Ariana I’m Grateful for my Ex

Taylor Swift Inspired Diary-Dump

The One Story I Never Told

everything I know about love

I’ve also found love, of all places, in a Best Buy – we met in July 2013 and we’ve been best friends ever since. His name is Darren and you can read more about our love story here:

How it All Began

How to Know When to “Ruin the Friendship”

5 Times Darren was My Lobster

Anniversary Night Out – NYC and 4 Years of Love

An Interview With Darren – 36 Questions That Lead to Love

Valentine’s Day Edit – The Secret to Staying in Love is Falling in Love Over & Over Again

Of all the men I’ve ever loved – there’s only one who completely changed my life, one I’ll carry in my heart for the rest of it: my dad. I wrote from his diagnosis to his death. I started my blog the day he began testing for what would become what the doctor called a “difficult diagnosis.” My dad was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) on December 11th 2017 and he passed away on November 12th 2019.

The Worst Day

Mauvais Rêve

Neon Lights




Having A Terminally Ill Parent



Fear and Falling

The James J LeCain School Of Liberal Arts

One Last Christmas

Mother Mary

I Thought You Were Gone

Father’s Day

Seasons – Spring & Summer

Life Without My Dad

Dreams About My Dad

I’ve written lots of other stuff too, so feel free to click around, but if you want to walk away feeling like you know me, like you really know me, start with these and let me know what you think.


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