Gifts for Him – What I Got Darren for Christmas

Darren is hard to shop for, mostly because if he wants something he buys it, but also because he gives very honest feedback the second he unwraps a gift, and not just in facial expressions, in words, and in returns.

This year, I’ve been taking notes, literally – every time he mentions wanting anything I write it down. That said, I feel good that he’ll be happily surprised this year!

Ode Brew Grinder

Darren’s casually mentioned wanting a coffee grinder multiple times. We consider ourselves coffee people and it feels like the next step in our coffee journey is buying beans and grinding them at home, versus having them ground at the coffee shop. I love the aesthetic of this one and that it won’t be an eye sore on the kitchen counter.

Percival Impressionist Jacquard

I’m really pleased with myself on this one – Darren mentioned liking Chris Evans’ shirt at a premiere and I mentioned liking Chris Evans, so I bought it!

Pet Patch Hoodie

Okay, admittedly, D didn’t say he wanted this – but I think he’ll like it! He’s got a real soft spot for a certain golden retriever we all know and love.

AirPods Max

Darren will not be pleased that I ordered these, but he casually mentioned wanting new AirPods and didn’t specify which AirPods, so I bought these and we can always exchange if he wanted a different pair!

Casa Dragones tequila

I think Darren heard about this tequila on a podcast – I can’t remember, but I have a feeling we’ll both like it and won’t be able to remember!


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