Cozy Candles for Fall

It’s officially candle weather – and I couldn’t be more excited to cozy up with a good book, my twinkle lights, a fuzzy throw, and smell Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Leaves, Marshmallow Fireside, or Autumn lurking in the October air. I thought I would share my favorite fall scents, as it’s only a matter of time before another Bath and Body Works coupon arrives in the mail.LRG_DSC03192If you’re looking for something sweet, with a Thanksgiving twist, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin is perfect! It has notes of pumpkin, clove, vanilla, and brown sugar, and honestly smells good enough to eat! Something about the mix of cloves and vanilla gives this one a spicy, while also sweet fragrance that makes me want to go pumpkin picking, and on a long country drive to watch the changing leaves! I often turn away from pumpkin scents, as they’re too sweet for me, but this one is just lovely.LRG_DSC03190Then there’s leaves. Leaves is the fall candle. I cannot imagine that there is anything that smells more like October than this mix of apple, nectar, and clove. This is one I repurchase year after year, often multiple at a time, and the first time I light it I officially say goodbye to summer, and welcome my favorite season.LRG_DSC03191Marshmallow Fireside is smoky and sweet. It’s again, one of my favorites, but I like the complexity of it compared to the others. When I first open it, sometimes I can only smell the smoky or the sweet, it’s not until it’s aflame that you get the full fragrance profile. This is the perfect candle to have at your boyfriend’s house. It’s sensual, strong, and soft and is definitely one that warrants a cozy cuddle!LRG_DSC03187Lastly, Autumn. Autumn is despite the name, more of a wintery scent for me. It has notes of apple, fig, eucalyptus, and balsam. To me, it’s the candle I would light decorating a Christmas tree, or on a really cold night in early November if I was counting down the days until Santa comes, which I always am…

Stay tuned, because these are my favorite affordable fall candles (when they’re on sale and you have a coupon they’re typically less than $10 a piece), but I’m currently trying to justify a Nest candle that costs as much as all of these combined!

Find all the candles mentioned above here:



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