It’s Liquid Lip Season

From left to right: Kylie Cosmetics Doll, Too Faced Lady Balls, Stila Perla, Too Faced Child Star, Kylie Cosmetics Bunny, and Smashbox Driver’s Seat.


And the swatches (in same order, but from top to bottom)!


I am a liquid lip type of girl – they’re matte, you (hopefully) don’t have to reapply all the time, and they (fingers crossed) stay in place all day, so I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorites since occasionally people ask. These are the colors I love, honestly for all the time, but in the fall and winter I generally go for more full coverage, lips included looks. Don’t worry I’m going to be honest we’ll talk smell, colors, and formula!

Red is in this fall, which is why I picked my favorite orange-red, which suits my hair/skin/eye situation, and a beautiful blue-red that is my tried and true favorite red lip.

The first reddish shade is Kylie Cosmetics Doll, which is from the KoKo collection. These orangey red shades make blue eyes look especially blue because of the contrast, and I love this color for fall, even though it’s a bit bright. I love the smell of Kylie Cosmetics matte lips, they smell like vanilla birthday cake and are sweet, but not too sweet; however, the formula is, in my opinion, lacking on this shade. This would be the perfect lip to wear out to dinner, or out for a drink, but it is NOT an all day shade. This shade is crackly, and SUPER drying, it’s a bit uncomfortable to wear, but I sacrifice the wearability because the color is truly beautiful. I generally look for 8-hour wear makeup, as I wear it to work and generally don’t have a lot of opportunities for touch ups, but this is something I’d wear on a day off, on a date with my beau, or maybe out for lunch with a friend, if I wanted to make a statement. I will say, the first time I wore it I wore two coats, and it cracked more than when I only applied one coat the second time – work quick though because it dries fast!!!

Too Faced Lady Balls is my perfect red lip! It’s kind of a blue red, not in a noticeable blue way, but in a makes your teeth look super white type of way. This is just perfect honestly, the formula is amazing, I’ve worn this for a 12-hour day before and did minimal touch ups, and I always get compliments on this shade. It’s bold and makes a statement, so I generally keep my eyes simple when I wear this, usually just liner and mascara and skip the eyeshadow, unless I’m going for a full glam look. The only thing, which is true of all reds, is you should use a liner, which I never do, it bleeds a little bit, but I know a liner would fix that, I’m just too lazy. This will be the shade I wear for Christmas and Valentine’s day without a doubt, and I wore it on the 4th of July too!

Next are the nudes!

So Stila Perla is kind of a purply, mauve, nude shade, it pulls more purple on me because of how pale I am, but on most people this would be a mauve-nude. I love this shade – for fall, but also for everyday! This is my absolute favorite, of all time, liquid lip formula. It’s mousey and so comfortable to wear, and lasts all day, with no touch ups, I’ve eaten an Apple in this and not had to touch up! It dries completely matte, but does not feel drying at all. This is my dream liquid lip, and I got it half off as part of a Sephora weekly deal, so it’s also the cheapest one pictured! As for the shade, its extremely wearable and goes with any makeup look, in my opinion.

Too Faced Child Star is my actual nude shade. This looks so nice with neutral toned smokey eyes, but also with pretty much every look. Too Faced was my favorite liquid lip, until I tried the Stila ones. They’re long lasting, mousey, dry down completely matte, and are extremely comfortable to wear. This is just a perfect every day shade for me!

Next Bunny, which is so beautiful. This Kylie lip, unlike the other one, is super pigmented, can be layered, and is comfortable to wear and lasts all day. I don’t know how two lips in the same set could be so different, unless it’s just that coral shades are less pigmented, harder to produce, and are drier, but Bunny is so creamy and pretty and perfect. This might be my ultimate favorite out of all of the lips pictured, color and smell wise. It just looks so perfect and doesn’t get crusty or crumbly and is a complete opposite formula of Doll, ALSO it’s transfer proof/kiss proof. I mean the conclusion I can draw about Kylie lips is that the colors are gorgeous, even if formulas seem inconsistent at best.

Lastly, I included a bold rose shade by Smashbox. This is very fall appropriate, and is a more pink shade, opposed to the purply ones I already mentioned. It’s simple, beautiful, and applies like a dream, BUT it crumbles. It’s so crumbly, and requires so much maintenance throughout the day, that again it’s probably more of an out to dinner shade, but beautiful color none the less.

Stay tuned, as Sephora’s November coupon rolls out in the next few weeks, and I’m sure I’ll be trying some more makeup soon!

Find Smashbox, Too Faced, and Stila liquid lips here:

Find Kylie lips here:


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