All Things Christmas – Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Hi again and Merry ALMOST Christmas! I’ve been working on this gift guide for ages and am finally ready to share, and just in the [Saint] Nicholas of time! Today and tomorrow are really the last days to order something and have any chance of it being on time for Christmas morning! I worked really hard this year to come up with thoughtful gifts for those I love, as time seems a little more precious this year. Anyway, Merry Christmas and happy everything, I hope Santa is good to all of you and maybe I could inspire you to be Santa this year too!


I really struggled this year to come up with a gift for my best friend, she’s the type of person that if she wants something she doesn’t think twice, and swipes her card (which is completely opposite of me). Normally I would buy her a purse, or maybe jewelry, but this year I wanted more of a theme! I decided on a cozy night in box, and a night out box, which I love the idea of!IMG_0980For the cozy night in box I bought a Barefoot Dreams throw, which is SO soft! I love the bow on it, and literally would love to cozy up in it right now. I also got some Sugarfina goodies! I discovered this shop when Darren and I went to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center; the shop was Tiffany’s blue and I couldn’t resist walking in! They specialize in cocktail kits and alcohol infused candy…ALCOHOL INFUSED CANDY – why is being a grown up so cool though?! I also picked up this champagne infused chocolate bar from there, and a mini bottle of Prosecco from my local liquor store! I am also going to add a bath bomb, a face mask, and a small candle to the box to finish it off, but I love it! I just love the idea of a cozy night in and a “kit” of everything you need to enjoy a quiet evening! I intentionally chose items that were cream and gold, as I thought they looked pretty and cozy!


For the night out box, I kept it really simple, I found this amazing clutch at Tory Burch, it matches her phone case perfectly and was actually semi-affordable. I think it is so beautiful and definitely looks like it’s for a special occasion. I also am going to put some little makeup bits in the night out box to finish it off!IMG_0971Like I said, I love the idea of having a theme for gifts, and I think if a boyfriend did this for his girlfriend he would score some major points for creativity and Instagram-able-ness. GUYS ARE YOU LISTENING?!

Next, I want to talk about fragrance! I really love the idea of perfume as a gift, and it’s something I usually get my Mom. I just think it’s a very personal gift, to either know someone’s favorite fragrance, or to be able to smell one and know they would love it. It can be hard choosing a scent for someone, but I have a few recommendations! I always buy my Mom Guerlain’s Shalimar, which is what she’s worn her whole life. It is a musky, spicy, sensuous smell, and although it is not something I would wear, I just love it because it smells like her. My favorite perfume is Tory Burch’s First Fragrance, which I bought as a Christmas gift for myself. It is a fresh, citrus, clean scent, which reminds me of the smell of grapefruit. I also keep looking at the Replica fragrances at Sephora. They come in really lovely bottles, with very simple labels. What I love about them is that they are feminine and masculine at the same time. I love that they are complex scents and inspired by life. Beach Walk, in particular, smells great! If you’re nervous about buying a scent I would recommend either doing a rollerball, which is less of a commitment and more of a stocking stuffer, or even doing the Sephora sampler set, which entitles the receiver to a small size option of their favorite scent in the kit, while getting to try a lot of different scents!IMG_0583Okay – it’s not Christmas without candles, so next is my favorite Christmas candle to gift!


Generally, I buy my candles in bulk and for about $10 a piece, but something about Christmas makes me want something a little more luxurious! I saw this Nest candle at Sephora, and fell in love. This is their holiday scent and it smells like Christmas Eve Day. It has notes of orange, pomegranate, pine, cloves, cinnamon, amber, and vanilla, and it reminds me of the smell of mulled wine. I can’t wait to burn this on Christmas day, once my Mom pulls it out of her stocking!


Darren and I decided to have a quiet Christmas this year, as we’ll be buying each other a vacation in the spring as a “Christmas” gift. BUT I still have a few ideas for the man in your life, and of course want Darren to have something to open on Christmas morning!IMG_0600I think this year I found the answer for a go-to guy gift! It’s the Sonos Play One with Alexa built it. As much as I can’t wait to give this, I want one now too! This speaker/voice assistant has amazing sound quality, cool packaging, and is especially great considering it’s size. I think if you’re looking for a gift for a tech guy, or someone who loves music, or someone who craves portability, this is perfect! What’s even cooler is Sonos speakers link together, so if you know someone who has some already, or someone who this would be their first, they can add to their collection to get sound that encompasses their whole home! My Dad is going to love this, especially after I help him set it up…

Okay! Next is actually something I got Darren last year or the year before, but that we’re saving for a special occasion.ORG_DSC03500ORG_DSC03497This fancy bottle of Hillrock Whiskey is upwards of $100, but the packaging is beautiful and it’s local – you can find the Hillrock range and where to find their spirits here! Darren and I tasted it at the Hudson Valley food and wine festival the first time we went, and I got it for him that Christmas. We haven’t opened it, as whiskey like love, gets better with age. This year, I bought him a decanter, whiskey stones, and personalized whiskey glasses to go with it, still crossing my fingers that all comes in time! The whiskey glasses I got from Bourbon and Boots, and they are engraved with an Ernest Hemingway quote, “Never delay kissing a pretty girl or opening a bottle of whiskey.”

I talked fragrance for women, it’s’ only fair that I have a few ideas for the guy in your life too.

IMG_0941I always buy Darren cologne for Christmas; his collection is rapidly expanding. I just think it’s something nice and thoughtful! This year I couldn’t decide between Channel Bleu, and Dior’s Sauvage. I decided on the latter, as Channel’s Bleu was more of a fresh clean citrus scent, and Dior had a more masculine undertone, with notes of bergamot and pepper, which I prefer! Other men’s colognes I would recommend are Ralph Lauren’s Polo Red, which has notes of grapefruit and saffron, and Mont Blanc Legend, which has notes of cedar, sandalwood, and bergamot. I just like the idea that when Darren wears a certain one it reminds me of a certain moment in our relationship, and the nostalgia I feel when I breathe that scent in. For me, scents are a great way of remembering a moment in time!

I also got Darren a Margarita kit from Sugarfina! They don’t sell this one on their website anymore, but I found it here and got the margarita gummy bears to go with it!


Okay! That’s it! Now get ordering and wrapping and make some mulled wine and enjoy your Christmas. I had so much fun being Santa this year!


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