January Beauty Update

Hello and Happy New Year to all! I think January represents a fresh start for everyone, but as my birthday is this month it’s like I get to start the new year twice, the calendar one, and my own! I’ve been going for a more natural look as I quickly approach my 25th birthday; I’ve started to notice some fine lines and wrinkles, and find a fresh face look to make me look younger lately, which for the first time ever I’m okay with. Anyway, here are my current beauty staples! Hoping the new year brings you glowing skin, Instagram worthy hair, and a bold lip when you’re feeling brave and I hope you feel brave ALOT in 2018! IMG_1122OKAY. Watermelon Jolly Ranchers…do I have your attention now? This face mask by Glow Recipe at Sephora literally smells like watermelon candy and I’m obsessed. I was hesitant to purchase this initially, as I had never heard of this brand and normally I am more comfortable to buy something either I already know and love or something a beauty guru recommends, but I couldn’t resist this sleeping mask. I initially just loved the smell, and purchased it on a total whim, telling myself I would probably end up disappointed and return it, but I LOVE IT. It’s sweet, but not too sweet and comes with a hygenic little spatula so you don’t have to stick your fingers in it, which I love! The consistency reminds me of the T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum by Drunk Elephant, it’s a clear liquid-like gel formula, that rubs into the skin and dries completely down, which is perfect because I hate to go to bed feeling sticky! I use about two and a half spatulas worth, as my skin is really dry this time of year, and I wake up looking fresh, healthy, and my skin looks plump and hydrated! I love it!IMG_1118Next up, hair! I always have been pretty low maintenance when it comes to hair care, until now! Sorry Darren, this means I’m going to need a bigger vanity for our future house, and also more bathroom time. I have medium to long-ish, dyed blonde hair – I was always blonde, but do a balayage/ombre to lighten things up (spoiler alert I’ve been testing out lots of blonde shampoos and will be posting about that this month too). Anyway, mostly I struggle with untamed baby hairs, and lots of static, especially this time of year. I found two new miracle products that I would highly recommend. They are both from Jen Atkins range of hair care, branded [The] Ouai [Haircare], for those who don’t know who Jen Atkins is, she is the hairstylist of some of the biggest stars (mainly Chrissy Teigen, Bella Hadid, and the Kardashians). I bought the memory mist, which I use as both, a heat protectant and hair spray. I literally call this “princess hair in a can,” whenever I want to achieve big bouncy curls this is what I use to keep them neat and so they don’t fall throughout the day! Next is the hair oil – I use this after I blow dry and it tames the static, but also seems to disguise my baby hairs! I especially notice a difference the more I use it!IMG_1131Lastly, these Burberry liquid lips that I got as a Christmas present! I LOVE these colors. From the top down, you have a coral red, a berry, a hot pink, and a mauve nude. The colors are perfect for any season, and can be used for a bold look, or the mauve color is perfect for a more muted look. The only issue I have with these? The name!!! They are called liquid lip velvets. I have tried ALOT, and I mean ALOT of liquid lips, and these don’t feel anything like any liquid lip I have ever tried. Although they have similar packaging, they definitely apply much more like a lipstick, and they DO NOT dry down!!! I’m generally a matte lip type of girl, but would make an exception for these gorgeous colors. That being said, you definitely want a lip liner for the top three colors as they do move around, since they ARE NOT matte. They do transfer and require touch ups. They are perfect for a date night or to make a statement in a photo, but are not 8hr wear products, which I’m totally fine with, but please rename them, and include the word comfortable, moisturizing, hydrating, or slides around! DID I MENTION THESE ARE NOT MATTE?!

What are you guys loving in the new year?! Are you doing makeup every day or embracing your natural self?! Either way we all have a serious Sephora addiction and need to work on financial planning in 2019…until then!


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