A Candle Subscription Service?!

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This Christmas, I was gifted one of the most fitting gifts I’ve ever been given, my friend gave me a candle subscription and I am obsessed! Once a month I am delivered a package containing a candle, a satchel, and a little treat that matches the theme, sometimes a candy, sometimes a mini beauty product, or this month a pack of seeds to plant in the summer, which matched the Garden Rain candle that I received – I love a theme! I am obsessed with this idea for a few reasons, mostly because getting a package in the mail is so fun; I love how thoughtful the boxes are, and I am obsessed with candles!

The subscription service is through the company Vellabox and I just felt the need to share, as I have never heard of them before this gift! My friend said she read about them on BuzzFeed and decided to give it a try and I am SO GLAD she did; six beautiful candles later I am utterly impressed!

The candles aren’t brands you see in stores, they are artisan candles, hand poured and oh so lovely. Did I just use the word artisan, I’m sorry, but I just can’t! The labels are simplistic, the candles smell great, they are generally themed with the month, and the subscriptions start as low as $10 a month! I just think it’s so sweet and thoughtful and such a nice surprise each and every month! Anyway, from one candle lover to another, I think it’s worth a try!


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