thank u, next – Why Just Like Ariana I’m Grateful for my Ex

Ariana Grande just released what is sure to be this year’s anthem for self-love and for being an evolved human being, grateful enough to thank those who taught us love, patience, and even pain. In her new single, she thanks Sean, Ricky, Pete, and Malcom for what they’ve helped her find, a love greater than all, one for herself, one of the most important relationships we could ever have. Ariana is doing amazing, and if you can be grateful for those who you loved, lost, but the ones who helped you find something too, then maybe you’ll be doing amazing too.

Like Ariana, I too, am grateful for everything that’s happened that led me to right now, including my ex, well more than one ex. Sure, there were broken hearts and moments of naivety, but they led to some self-love and some lifelong clarity, something I am forever grateful for.

One taught me to follow your heart, that it’s okay to find a new beginning, a new start, that staying to stay isn’t worth anyone’s time, and I remember feeling like I couldn’t breathe, the night I waited for you to show up for me.

The other taught me that what you want and deserve aren’t always the same thing. I remember driving up a windy road to watch the sun set, and when we finally pulled off we were on the wrong side of the world, and that’s how I felt, being your girl.

One taught me that sometimes forever is shorter than you thought, but that sometimes it’s better that way, while the other one showed me how and when to walk away.

And to the first one, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I begged you to stay; I realize now, that you were braver than me to walk away; I hope that you’re happy and found some peace, because that’s eventually, what you gave to me. And to the second one, a thank you, because you’re the reason I stopped answering when the first one called, even if that’s all you were here for, that made us, me and you, worthwhile.

So, while I’ve never really said thank you, I’m grateful too, for all the things the ones from my past taught me, because they led me to being who I am, and I couldn’t have done that without either of you.



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