The Christmas Edit – My Christmas Wish List

Hi all! I’m back and with another Christmas post – this time, my Christmas wish list, which I’ve never posted before. I’ve decided to post my list for Santa for only one reason,  in case you’re gift-giving for someone like me, someone who loves all things sparkly, all things gold and rose gold, and all things cute and cozy. As I’ve been putting together my his and her gift guides, I realized, as much as I love all the things I got for friends and family alike, most of the stuff I bought isn’t something that someone would pick out for me for under the Christmas tree. So here it is, my Christmas wish list. 

I sincerely thought that I was kind of over jewelry, in the past four years, Darren has given me rings, necklaces, bracelets, and I don’t really wear jewelry a-lot in my day to day life, that was until I saw this ring and necklace! I love them both so much and can definitely see myself wearing them ALL the time. I love how delicate they both are, and how they kind of almost match even though they aren’t from the same company. The ring I saw on Instagram and is by Chloe + Lois. It is their “Gold Fizz Ring” and is supposed to look like bubbles on a sparkly drink. I love this ring so much! The necklace I found on Etsy, in the Diamond For Love shop and again, I just love how dainty and delicate it is. I can see wearing both on an every day basis, and I honestly think both are relatively affordable too!

This hat is so cute and I’m sad because it’s actually sold out in this color combination, but I just love the pom pom and think it will look amazing with the new red plaid coat I bought myself as an early Christmas present!

All I want for Christmas is to be cozy for an entire day and to be snuggled up in the softest robe, with the comfiest slippers, and the most cuddly blanket. I found all of these at Nordstrom and want all of them for Christmas. Santa are you listening?! I love to wear a robe when I get ready in the morning because I can do my hair and makeup and when I go to put real clothes on I don’t risk smudging my foundation or messing up my hair as I pull off loungewear and let’s face it, I just want an excuse to not put on real clothes, because I want to spend all day cuddled in bed wearing this robe and eating snacks…

I saw this phone case like a month ago and just hadn’t gotten around to ordering it, but I love it. It’s by Casemate and I actually really like their cases and have had several for previous phones – I’m super picky when it comes to phone cases! I mean this is rose gold dreams and it would look so pretty with my gold iPhone XS Max!


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