The Christmas Edit – A Gift Guide For Her

It’s here! It’s December and I am actually posting this gift guide with plenty of time for you guys to take inspiration from it this year, whereas last year I think I posted it like three whole days before Christmas. I’ve actually been Christmas shopping for months now and really worked hard to come up with some thoughtful gifts to share with everyone. If you know me IRL, you know there is nothing I love more than Christmas, and I’m wishing all of you the absolute merriest one! So, without further ado,  here it is, perhaps my most favorite blog post all year -my Christmas gift guide! FYI I’m splitting this into three parts this year – for her, for him, and then the ultimate Mom gift-guide. 

If you’re a friend or family member, please stop reading here, or risk spoiling your Christmas gifts…

Last year, I struggled to come up with gift ideas for my best friend, so this year I decided to finish all of her shopping first as a way to motivate myself. I think I described her last year as the person who doesn’t think twice about buying something she wants, which means there’s not a lot that she mentions wanting but not ordering for herself throughout the year. This year, I decided her gift would be spilt into two themes, as she recently moved, the first – things for your home, and the second – things for the days you don’t want to leave your home – which for me is like every day, let’s be serious.

For the things for your home set, I decided to get her some home decor stuff. I started with a  felt and oak letter board and a marble tray. I love these letter boards (sorry it didn’t make it in time for the picture) and think it’ll be perfect for her place; the marble tray I thought she would like for her vanity and could even use as a background to take photos of her manicures, or her phone cases, which are some of her most frequented images on her Instagram stories. I also picked up these adorable ring holders, that are little animals. I got the cat, because well she’s obsessed, and the giraffe because she posted a really cute photo of her and her boyfriend with a giraffe over the summer and this made me think of that picture. I also picked up a candle holder, it’s rose gold and perfect to hold the candles you’ll read about below!

For the things for the days you don’t want to leave your home, I decided to order the comfiest loungewear; I ordered these sweats from Barefoot Dreams and I swear I never felt sweatpants so soft, I want a pair now too! They were expensive, over $100, but the quality is unreal and I know she’ll live in them! As for the cat t-shirt, I got that off Etsy, and know she’ll love it as she has three cats and is a self-declared fur mama – the t-shirt is so cozy and soft and the Etsy shop I got in from was the cutest (WildWhiskersBoutique), I loved their packaging and the little thank you note they sent, plus the shipping was so fast. I also got her a Monki shirt with little paw prints on them. Then, I got her a set of mini holiday candles from Jo Malone from Nordstrom – it’s a variety pack with some of their most popular scents and I love all of them, especially the Sweet Almond & Macaroon, Peony & Blush Suede, and the Grapefruit! They were kind of expensive, especially since they’re just minis, but I love to splurge on candles for a nice holiday gift. I also got her a holiday themed Sugarfina box, which I’m struggling to save for Christmas, I really hope she shares – it has pumpkin caramels, champagne bears, and sugar cookie candies. Lastly I got her a luxury dry shampoo that is supposed to be amazing by Oribe and some silk hair ties from Slip that help prevent damaging hair! Overall, I love the way this theme turned out and can’t wait to see her reaction, not to mention this is the type of gift I love to receive, totally useful things, but that are just a little nicer than what we normally buy ourselves, all in the spirit of Christmas.

The other “for her” I shopped for this year was my brother’s girlfriend. She loves all things Disney and so I thought this Colourpop Disney Designer palette was perfect for her, and I love how these photos turned out! I also picked up the highlighter because I couldn’t resist the packaging. 

I hope you’re Christmas shopping is going well, or at least underway and I’ll be back in a few days with a gift guide for him!


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