The Christmas Edit – Gifts for Mom

This year, I wanted to have a real splurge when it came to Christmas shopping for my mom. She deserves it, what else can I say?! She never asks for anything, and regardless of the fact that I’ve gifted her mostly iPhones and iPads over the past few years, nothing makes her more excited than a pumpkin shaped wine stopper from the dollar bin at Target, what can I say I’m a woman after her own heart. So while I thought of gifting her a fancy new handbag or jewelry at first, I knew she’d never use it or wear it, and decided to get a few things a little more practical to make her day-to-day a little more special.

She spends all of her days caring for my dad, and the first thing I thought of is a little during and after bath pamper, nothing resets a bad day quite like a good smelling bath and hot water. My mom’s absolute favorite scent is from The Body Shop, she loves this Satsuma smell and so I got her their shower gel, gel lotion, and body butter. I got them on a really good sale on Black Friday and spent maybe $50 on all of these, and in case you couldn’t tell the shower gel and body butter are JUMBO sized, and the lotion is standard sized. The best part?! They’re all currently 50% off, so you can get the same deal, seriously think The Body Shop is so underrated!

Next, I wanted to make her days at home a little bit cozier. I got this “Dreaming of a Wine Christmas” shirt from the ShopatBash on Etsy. It is so soft, and I just know my mom is going to put it on as soon as she opens it, wine in hand! I also got her these cozy sweats from Barefoot Dreams, I got both pairs on sale, one at Nordstrom (sorry, no link as they’re currently sold out) and the darker color on their actual site. Although they are expensive for sweatpants, I know she’ll wear them ALL the time, and I’m hoping they’ll last, you can usually find them on a sale; they are honestly so buttery, so soft, and I can honestly say they are sweat-pant dreams realized, which are dreams I’ve just realized I had. I can’t say enough good things about this brand, my obsession started when I ordered a blanket for my best friend last year for Christmas, that I also ended up ordering for my dad for his birthday, and now I’ve ordered a few of the sweatpants too. I also got my mom new UGG slippers, as hers are worse for wear and this bootie style is so her vibe! 

I just think UGG branded slippers are the absolute coziest, and I know from experience that they do last a long time! I can also see my mom throwing these on to grab the mail, or even to walk the dog, as they have real bottoms, which is maybe my favorite feature!

I posted this on my Instagram story a week or so ago as a “gift of the day” idea, because this deal was just too good! Nordstrom was selling their “Feather Plush Throw” for under $30! I convinced one of my coworkers to order one, and I ordered two, one for my mom and one for my dad. I got this lovely white one for my mom and it is the softest thing ever; I included a super zoomed photo for you guys to better see the texture of it. It’s feathery, lightweight, but so incredibly cozy. I am planning to put the blanket, the slippers, the sweatpants, and the t-shirt in one bag and putting a label on that says something like “if you’re feeling cozy.” 

Okay, for the grande finale! The thing my mom absolutely needed most, but never knew she needed present – I got my mom a new jacket, which sounds so boring, but my mom has been describing her perfect coat, for I think ever, let’s just call it part of living in upstate New York. The requirements? Long enough to cover what my Canadian mom calls “her bum,” something with a hood, and lastly it must withstand below zero weather and lots of shoveling. And the resounding winner was… the Patagonia Women’s Down With It Parka. I listened to a Podcast about Patagonia years ago and have been quietly aware of them ever since, that was until my best friend bought a jacket from them and became a walking advertisement for the warmth, the quality, and started calling it “the only coat she will ever need.” SOLD. This one retails for just under $300, which is comparable to most middle-end coats, living in the North East I would argue that it is 100% necessity to invest in some gear and I thought my mom finally needed her dream jacket. I went neural with grey and really hope she loves it!

What are you getting your mom for Christmas?! Did you like my picks?! Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, beautiful young lady for being there for your Mum and Dad at this difficult time for all
    of you. I wish I were close enough to be a help. Love you and thinking of you all. Afraid I haven’t
    much Christmas spirit this year without your Grandfather but I am doing my best.xo

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