The Christmas Edit – Christmas Sweater Picks And The Most Festive Winter Coat

Hello everyone! Just a quick post today with a few winter clothing picks, but mostly because I have a new coat that I’m obsessed with and wanted to share with you! To fully understand my love for this coat, you need to know the backstory, which long story short is, I’ve essentially had this coat before, in middle school, except it was wider than it was tall, and ill-fitting, but I kept it and wore it because I loved the plaid, which inspired a boy at a locker near mine to call it my lumber jack jacket, after that, it ended up in the bottom of a closet somewhere, and I totally forgot about it, until I saw this beautifully cut one on ASOS.

I bought it on ASOS on Black Friday and got it for 25% off, which is what made me finally move it from my “loved” list to my cart. It has pockets, it has a hood, and cute stylish buttons, but also actual buttons that offer a more secure closure, so practical; I swear I’ll be in this coat until summer time! Doesn’t it just scream Christmas?! Which brings me to my next point, the pom pom sweater I’m wearing underneath it!


I got this sweater from Topshop and absolutely love it. Firstly, it has pom poms, and honestly that’s enough for me, although I do love the Christmas “Fa La La Laa” and can’t wait to wear it for our annual “ugly sweater” day at work, although this one is far from ugly, it’s actually so cute!

I also picked up this pom pom sweater from Zara and really love the fit and the chunky knit! I sized up to a medium, as I knew I wanted to tuck it into jeans and have it be big enough to roll the sleeves and I wore it down to the city for mine and Darren’s annual trip for Christmas and it was perfect!

I of course also brought my red coat, because again, I’m so obsessed with it. I also have been living in this scarf from ASOS, it’s just long enough and looks stylish no matter how you throw it on!

Let me know if winter is your favorite style season, because I’m starting to think it’s mine!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Stephanie: Ask your Mum if your new coat reminds her of the red Hudson Bay coat I had at the same time I bought her the white with coloured stripes Hudson Bay ? Eventually gave mine away!
    Looking very Christmasy!! Xoxo

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