My New Year – Goals for 26 and Beyond

I think I said this last year, but I’m not much for a New Year’s resolution, because my new year doesn’t really start on January 1st, instead, it starts 27 days later, on my birthday, January the 28th. So, while I clinked a champagne glass and screamed “happy new year,” I saw the look of possibility in the room, but I knew my new possibilities were still a few weeks away, which gave me time to read other’s resolutions, to see posts by people saying resolutions are stupid, and to decide what I would vow to do in my 26th year.

This year I am turning 26, which means I have to officially stop telling people I am in my “early” twenties, and now have to officially settle into my “mid twenties.” As a new year approaches, I have some short and long term goals in mind to make my 26th year my happiest and most productive yet and I thought now would be a good time to share them with you, as you’ve probably finished reading most people’s resolutions at this point.

My short term goals are quite simple, for my 26th birthday I want to visit a museum in the city that I’ve fallen in love with on Instagram; I want to go there, not only to see it in real life, but because the city always makes me feel rejuvenated and creative and full of inspiration, something I tend to lack in the weeks after Christmas and honestly for most of the winter season. I’ve spent the last bit of my 25th year wondering where I want to go with my Instagram feed, how to transition from a Christmas to spring theme, all the while racking my head for blog post ideas for the new year and feeling a little overwhelmed about it all, not to mention the impending start of school, which will only give me less time for Instagram and my blog, which makes me feel more stressed and less creative. Darren and I went down to the city for my birthday last year and had not only the most perfect night, but got so many cute pictures and I left feeling lighter and more free.

In terms of longer term goals, I’ve got a few of those too. I started reading a book recently called The Happiness Project and have found a lot of inspiration in it for non-lofty goals to make me a little happier. My biggest goals for my 26th year are to go to bed earlier, sleep with my phone on the opposite side of the room for more peaceful sleep, limit my screen time, eat more and better, focusing on my mental and physical health a bit more, and to read books, all the while striving every day to be happier.

I’ve already committed to a better night’s sleep. My number one complaint in my daily life recently has been, “I’m tired.” So, I’ve decided my phone and I are no longer in bed together, we’re officially platonic; no more middle of the night screen time when I wake up randomly, no more waking up to a bright light; just no. I’ve also made my bed cozier to encourage a more restful and happy sleep. I’ve increased my blanket count to add some weight, after some research on weighted blankets; I also got an electric blanket for Christmas, which makes me fall asleep nearly instantly, but mostly, I’ve stopped my late night YouTube binge, and instead opted into admitting that I’m tired and just shutting off the lights.

Focusing on mental and physical health is kind of lofty, but mostly, I want to continue to write, I want to continue to limit the number of fast food burgers I eat, and strive to use the cookbooks I recently bought and already love so much; shoutout to Chrissy and Joanna for making me seem like a good cook.

Speaking of books, my number one goal this year is to fall back in love with reading. I already have my January book half read and have already picked a few books for the coming months. I just want to learn new words, and have that feeling of awe that I remember so vividly from my childhood. I think about how earth shattering it felt when I finished the Harry Potter series and I want to feel that again.

In my 26th year, I also need to be more honest with myself. I’m bad at setting goals, because I always move the goal post. I want to save a certain amount of money, but once I’m there, I want to save more, and this of course isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but I want to take the time to acknowledge the fact that I’ve hit a goal, even if as soon as I do, it’s changed. Speaking of numeric goals, I feel silly to set a goal for my Instagram following or for site visits on here, but of course I hope to grow these things this year too. No matter where it goes, I’m glad you’re along for the ride. Wish me luck, 26 is calling and a few more grey hairs.


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  1. I love the idea of acknowledging your goals before you move the goal post. I have to work on that too; maybe we can help each other!! ❤

  2. You are wise beyond your years!

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