January Beauty Update – My Hair Care Splurge

This is a quick PSA for haircare, for all lengths, but especially for that cute short, trendy, lob, which I’ve been happily wearing for a while; texturizing spray is life changing – it’s completely changed my hair game and a $50 gift card to Nordstrom just made me make a hair care splurge into the world of luxury hair. I’ve posted that I’ve been using texturizing sprays to bring volume to my hair, I know I’ve mentioned Ouai’s Memory Mist, but also Drybar’s Triple Sec, and today I’m here to tell you about Oribe and their texturizing spray.

I bought my friend one of their dry shampoos this Christmas because I thought the packaging was gorgeous and know we all are looking for an excuse to skip washing our hair for one more day, but it wasn’t until she raved about the smell that I decided I should’ve bought one for her and one for me. I bought an after-Christmas gift set that was marked down and got a full size texturizing spray, but also a mini spray and a mini dry shampoo, and I am obsessed. I love the scent, it’s subtle and doesn’t compete with my perfume, while still smelling beautiful and lovely every time a stray hair crosses by my nose, but I also love the formula! It gives me that teased look, without any of the breakage and damage, lifts the hair at the root, and makes my cut look on trend and voluminous, without any tangly bits, and it doesn’t make it impossible to run a brush through, plus it seems to last ALL day.

There’s something about using something a little luxury that just makes me feel special on a day that I feel like curling my hair and putting on my makeup, here’s a picture of my hair after using it, look at that lift! I swear it makes my hair look full and thick and lush, which I promise my hair is none of those things!

I swear this stuff makes me feel like an Instagram model, or at least like I have Instagram model hair.


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  1. Can you come do my hair k thanks

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