The Cutest Spring Sweater For Less Than $20

Hi everyone! Just the quickest, shortest, sweetest post today to let you know that the sweater from my Instagram post yesterday is on sale for less than $20. I’ve linked it here! It’s from New Look and I absolutely love it, it looks like funfetti cake, but is also oversized with balloon-esque sleeves! I have done a little spring sweater shopping and hope to update this post with a few more picks, but for now, this funfetti sweater is something sweet to celebrate! I also am obsessed with the hem, as it’s cut a little shorter in the front and longer in the back, making it absolutely ideal for a Tan-inspired french tuck – did I mention season 3 of QueerEye is out and it’s making me feel GORG. Anyway, with this sweater, you can have your cake and wear it too!


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