Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Hi everyone! I found some amazing gifts just in time for Mother’s Day this year and thought I would share, not only do I love a good gift guide (my Chrismtas ones are always my favorite posts), but I wanted to make my mom’s big day a little extra special this year and hoped I could serve as inspiration if you want your mom to feel special too…

Firstly, I got everything for my mom on Etsy and most of the inspiration for these gifts actually came from the Etsy Instagram page, where I’ve quietly been saving future gifts for a while! Etsy is the perfect place to find a unique gift for the person you love, not to mention most everything on there is handmade and in purchasing there, you get to have the joy of knowing you’re supporting somewhat “small” businesses. I knew immediately what I wanted this year’s theme to be, nature, but more specifically GROWTH. 

My mom is a beautiful human being, inside and out. She is the kindest, most empathetic woman to ever walk this Earth, she saves spiders and ladybugs and everything else and hand delivers them outside to a plant somewhere instead of smushing them, she provides 24/7 care to my dad, and most days can muster up a smile while doing it. The least I could do is remind her that seasons change, flowers bloom, and she’s growing too.

This necklace suits her in a way that is so inexplicably my mom, I call her gabby Abbie and she, for a long time, wanted her Instagram name to be some variation of “crazy daisy,” unfortunately, it was already taken, but her daisy-loving-ray-of-sunshine-ness can live on forever through this beautiful necklace! I bought this from the shop rachelkeppeler and it is the Real Pressed Daisy Essential Blooms Necklace and not only is it so beautiful, but everything about the packaging was just as flowery and thoughtful and lovely as the necklace itself. ACS_0246I can’t wait to see my mom’s face when she opens it; hopefully it brings a little bit of sunshine on even the gloomiest days!ACS_0247The next thing I had my eye on was this ring, it’s by a shop called AlpacaBlue and is their White Moonstone Flower Resin Ring. I love this piece for my mom because it looks like there is a whole entire outdoors inside this ring. It has real flowers inside, gold flakes, and even skeleton leaves that look like little spider webs.

My mom loves to take a walk on a bad day and always comes back with what she calls “treasures,” a pretty flower to press in an old book, a rock that was unlike anything she’s ever seen and I think this ring encompasses that sense of wonderment that she loves about being outside and that she’s carried with her through her whole life. ACS_0249I just love it when a theme comes together and I think these two pieces really compliment each other, while also encapsulating my mom and her love for all things nature.ACS_0244There is one more item that I ordered that might not make it in time (I’ll post a picture once it gets here), it’s a print of water color mushrooms to fit the outdoor theme. My mom is always taking pictures of mushromms and drawing them and I thought this Mushrooms & Toadstools Print by LittlePaisleyDesigns would look great in her drawing room someday! 

What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day? Do you have a favorite shop on Etsy? Comment below!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You brought tears to my eyes today, Stephanie but joy also because I am so happy to see your love for your Mum and the wonderful person she is. I know I am rather biased as she is my beautiful daughter but she is and always has been a caring person and has always loved nature…as a teenager she loved trees! I feel very lucky to have two beautiful young women in my life! If only we weren’t so far apart.xo

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