Olive & June – Olive Pinks, and Blues, and Pinky Nudes

Hello everyone! Here today with another quick product review – I love to tell you guys what I’m loving and I just fell in love with an at home mani that is saving me time, money, and a little piece of my sanity when it comes to salon prices and wait time and lackluster client services.

Remember when you were like 14 and painting your nails was genuinely fun? Like, you would three-way call your best friends, have Legally Blonde on in the background and would guess who each other had a crush on for like three hours while applying perfect coats of pink polish – just me? Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder of Olive & June, has made me love painting my nails again, seriously I CAN’T STOP. Word on the street is that these polishes last 5+ days on nearly everyone, but I’m too excited to try each new shade that I find myself repainting before that, but worry not, wear-test coming soon!

Sarah Gibson Tuttle is an inspiration, not only did she found Olive & June, named after her grandmothers, but she is total ring stack goals and life inspo too (just check out her Instagram). I recently found myself listening to the podcast Second Life, where I learned that this LA mani queen got her start with a philosophy degree and a career on Wall Street only to open the most Instagrammable nail salon in LA before Instagrammable was even a thing, raise your hand if this is giving you major hope for your future too. Think muted pinks, an ombré tonal polish wall, whimsical floral arrangements, attention to detail, and even a special backdrop for you nailfie (nail selfie).

Let’s talk shades, and let me just say, if you thought Taylor Swift’s Instagram was a pastel dream, you’ve got another thing coming…

This was the first O&J launch and it is a collection of nudes, pink nudes, lilac nudes, blue nudes, and nude nudes, and I’ve never said this before, but send me all the nudes, (only if they’re polish)! I started with shades Barrett (BP), Geri (GH), and Mandy (MM) and fell in love at first polish – pro tip, on the podcast Sarah says that it took her like seven times painting to really make it salon-like, and while my first time wasn’t great, I’m starting to feel like a total pro!ACS_0252.JPGBarrett was my first love. I saw that pastel periwinkle polish and had to have it. She is wedding day something-blue blue. Is it too soon to commit to wearing this on my wedding day (NO I’M NOT ENGAGED, PLZ STOP ASKING)! But seriously, something about this polish is so nostalgic – I feel like it’s a throwback to the 90’s, like I don’t remember ever wearing this shade with a daisy print dress, but I feel like my best friend’s big sister did and I can still picture it. ACS_0251IMG_4055Geri was my next buy; she is the perfect pale pink that’s got just enough white in it to make it not too pink, but like perfectly pink. It’s pastel, but without being baby nursery – “it’s a girl” pink, you know? It’s just the perfect everyday pretty-in-pink shade.ACS_0257.JPGACS_0253.JPGMandy is the perfect nude. I put it on and felt like part of the royal family. Anybody else read that royals are only allowed to wear nudes? Well, SGT, you need to send Kate Middleton and the Queen this one immediately so they can live their best polish life too!ACS_0254.JPGNot only do I highly recommend picking up these pastel dream polishes, but have a listen to Sarah talking about them on Second Life too (are we on a first name basis now SGT? I feel like we’re nail besties).

*Quick little reminder that I make $0 on this blog and I genuinely just want to share all the amazing things this life has to offer with as many people as possible, hopefully it makes up for all the posts that you need a box of Kleenex for!*




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