Best Day in Brooklyn – What to See & Where to Eat

Hi all! I went on a little adventure last week and wanted to tell you all about it – basically, me and my new friend, Alex, decided to have a girls day in the city and choosing which part of the city was kind of the hard part, I know I love the SOHO/Nolita area and she recently went to the Chelsea/Meat Packing area, but we decided to go somewhere that neither of us had really explored before, Brooklyn! I was apprehensive at first, as Darren and I decided to go into Brooklyn on our anniversary last year and I ended up hot, sweaty, frustrated, and crying in the pursuit of Smorgasburg – spoiler alert, we never made it, but we did find our way back to Elizabeth Street for margaritas and ice cream and Darren wiped my tears away, but I wanted to try to find the beauty in Brooklyn again and I am so glad we did!ACS_0273ACS_0272Our first stop was the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, before you tell me, someone already has, I know this isn’t THE Botanic Garden and the one in the Bronx is like 5x the size, but I didn’t really know that when we went and regardless the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was still absolute magic. We were greeted by newly rained on peonies, and circled our way through the 50 acre garden snapping pictures for our Instagrams and blogs, while laughing. The highlight for me was the field of bluebells, so pretty and majestic, and the rose garden, which ironically had barely any roses, as they weren’t in bloom yet, but had a lot of cool architectural elements. I would definitely recommend a trip here, especially if you’re a student, my ticket was half-price and only $8, but plan accordingly if there’s something specific you want to see in bloom, I’d love to go another time when the cherry blossoms are all pink and white and lovely. ACS_0271ACS_0261ACS_0264Next, we decided to get back on the subway and venture to DUMBO. We got THE iconic bridge shot somewhere between Washington and Water Street, an ice cream truck nearly drove away after Alex decided to set her drink and her backpack down on its front bumper, and we walked through Brooklyn Bridge Park, soaking up sunshine and admiring the view of a carousel and a bride and groom getting their wedding day pictures done by the waterfront, I couldn’t help but laugh when I overheard a little kid say to his momma, “Is everyone getting married today?” ACS_0274.JPGACS_0260Then, we grabbed an UBER and went for lunch. We decided on Berry Park, a trendy American restaurant with a roof-top bar, where the sun was shining, the margaritas were flowing, and the fried pickles were to-die-for. We both got the burger and it was exactly what I wanted. I would definitely go here again; the roof-top was dreamy, the food delicious, and I just loved the aesthetic – the greenery, twinkle lights, and an on-trend marquee sign made it the perfect spot for an afternoon chat about just about anything!ACS_0268A quick walk away was the thing I looked forward to most – Peter Pan Donuts, I had seen them on the Food Network one day and added it to my city list of must-sees that I keep in my iPhone’s Notes app. One coconut-cream donut later and my day was officially made.

Side note, we walked by a few places that looked super cool and I want to remember them for next time I go to Brooklyn – we walked by The Washington Hotel, which looked so trendy and amazing and then also an apparently very popular middle-of-the-afternoon brunch spot called Spritzenhaus 33, we also walked by the Brooklyn Brewery, which I’d love to tour sometime, they had a mural outside that read “Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer!”

All in all, it was such a fun day, and I would definitely venture to Brooklyn again!


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  1. Maude Wilson says:

    Just what you needed!! Did my heart good to read about your day and loved The beautiful pictures , especially the flowers and the beautiful young woman in the red dress!! Xo

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Agreed – needed a day filled with fun and adventure! Glad you liked the pictures, stay tuned, this weekend Darren and I brave the “real” Botanic Garden in the Bronx!

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