The REAL Botanical Garden – Stopping to Smell the Roses

Exciting news! Upon admitting that I thought the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was THE Botanic Garden and having been proven wrong, very wrong, I successfully convinced Darren (he didn’t need any convincing) that we should spend our weekend going to the New York Botanical Garden’s Rose Weekend, with over 500 different types of roses in bloom, swoooooon. Small disclaimer: I thought the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was absolutely lovely and believed fully that it was THE botanic garden the whole time I was there, I only felt the need to go to the REAL Botanical Garden, as it is 5x the size and looks dreamy too, but I’d 10/10 recommend either one to a friend!ACS_0286So, me and Darren elected to drive to the garden, as it is literally across the street from the Bronx Zoo and we’ve driven there before and it was easy enough. Darren said the drive wasn’t too bad, I didn’t pay much attention at all as I was literally screaming “WE’RE HERE!” from my position as copilot the moment I saw green signs that read “NEW YORK BOTANICAL GARDEN” with arrows. As we circled the parking lot looking for a spot, anyone else call it “catfishing” when a tiny car makes it seem like there’s a spot when there is NO SPOT??? Anyway, as we circled the lot I could see the observatory and the library and was already so happy with our decision for a weekend adventure, I was staring out my window like a wide-eyed child. Honestly the architecture of the libraby reminded me a bit of Vanderbilt and the Hudson Valley in general; I’m a sucker for a historical building with a story, not to mention this could be the locale for the next T-Swift video, plus just look at that majestic fountain, like what is even going on there?!ACS_0285After admiring the library, we grabbed a map and set off toward the roses. Along our walk we first saw the peonies along a row of benches; yet again the rain had made them a bit sad, but they were still gorgeous and semi-full and made me happy. We looped through the observatory, which I will say was much more impressive than the observatories at the BBG, especially the succulent section; the rainforest room here even had cool industrial stairs so you could appreciate the vastness of some of the trees, but honestly the moment that made it all worthwhile, the rose garden, which we were fast approaching! This place has a lot of ground to cover and we parked on the side opposite the roses, but honestly it wasn’t too much walking – if you need a ride though, your ticket offers you access to the garden’s tram which can shuttle you from one side to another – so easy!

ACS_0276We took a small break from walking about halfway through and sat on a bench near Azalea Way talking the day away, but then it was all roses after that. Approaching the rose garden, you could hear a shushed symphony, quiet music notes dancing in the breeze, children laughing and screaming in delight, and as we rounded the hill standing atop the garden the vastness of all the roses was all-consuming. The colors, the fragrance, it was all so pretty and dreamy – from above the rose garden you could appreciate all the clean, straight lines and the organization of each section, and once below, it seemed as though where one set of roses ended another instantly began, it felt a bit like being in Alice in Wonderland. ACS_0275I loved every moment of our walk through the rose garden and was completely in awe of all the beautiful colors; there were rich reds and pretty pinks, corals, and ombres, and yellows, even lavenders, and blues too. We quite literally stopped to smell the roses, and honestly I could have spent all day walking the garden over and over with the same sense of magic each time. Something about the garden gave me a sense of childlike wonder and it made it such a special day! Overall there were so many things I loved about both of New York’s botanical garden, I adored the Peonies, Azaleas, and the Bluebell field in Brooklyn, they gave me that same sense of wonderment as the roses in the Bronx, either one is a win in my book; I will say the one in the Bronx is a major tourist attraction, so if you’re trying to get great photos and keep it low key, Brooklyn is probably the better bet, definitely less touristy and a bit cheaper too. ACS_0277Anyway, if you were looking for a reminder to stop and smell the roses consider this it! The world is a beautiful, magical place. Speaking of beautiful, special shout out to the most beautiful person I know, my main squeeze, the guy who makes my life feel like a rose-colored dream, Darren would literally go anywhere I wanted to make me happy and it’s the sweetest thing! Tell me about your next summer adventure in the comments- I had a request to do a summer in the Hudson Valley to-do list, and I am brainstorming away, so any recommendations are welcome.ACS_0279

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