My 100th Blog Post

My heart is so full. Today marks 100 blogs. 100 ideas that turned into writing. 100 times that I wanted to jump up and down in my pj’s, dancing to 90’s music. 100 times I refreshed my site to see how many of you gave a quick glimpse, or a read, and 100 times I stuck with something that made me happy, but also something that people laughed at, or made tiny when I told them I had a big dream to be a blogger. I’ve never been more proud of anything, or myself, and I am so thankful to anyone who’s ever read a post, sent a message, or just clicked like, or follow – for a while I thought only my grandma was reading these posts, but there are so many of you. You have no idea what those shiny, light moments of “like” mean to me, and I am smiling ear to ear just thinking that I’ve had even the smallest impact on any of you.

Again, thanks for being here. So many people say the internet is a terrible mean place, filled with negativity, and while I know that is absolutely the truth, I’m so lucky to have only received the loveliest messages, the warmest words, and feel like all of you are giving me the biggest virtual hug! So, what do you say? Here’s to 100 more?!


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  1. Maude Wilson says:

    Hi Stephanie: Congratulations! I never doubted that what ever you were aiming for would be reached . Keep up the good work.. I am waiting for that first novel or whatever else you decide to come up with. Also, never thought I was the only one sending messages but was a little concerned I might be getting a bit carried away at times . Your Mum could verify that I have a tendency that way Whatever, I enjoy every blog even if it is about something I am not terribly familiar with and just enjoy the fact you did it and I get to have that little bit of contact with you. You will make the next 100 and more. Take care, love. Zna

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  2. Not to worry – always excited to see any activity in the comments section on here – at least we know you’re my biggest fan!

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