Is it a Scam? Buying Sponsored Products on Instagram

OKAY, I got the craziest response when I posted an IG story asking you guys if you wanted to see me do an Instagram made me buy it/is it a scam? blog post, so here we are. Today, I’m reviewing Tula, a skincare brand that boasts probiotics as skin perfecting, Skyn Iceland, the brand that every bachelorette seems to mask-in, and Function of Beauty, customizable shampoo just for you. THE RESULTS ARE IN, keep reading to answer a question as old as Instagram itself: IS IT A SCAM?!

The thing that made me finally order something from Tula was the fact that it’s sold on Nordstrom, I didn’t actually order it from Nordstrom because I used a discount code on Tula to save some cash (you can find codes to save 20% all over IG), but it made me feel better to know that Nordstrom sold their products. I was skeptical, LET ME TELL YOU. So I started with my immediate skin concerns, I normally have pretty clear skin, but have recently had an issue with breakouts on the lower half of my face, so I got the Purifying Face Cleanser and the Acne Clearing + Tone Correcting Gel. I spent right around $50 on the two and replaced my normal skincare routine immediately to test them out.

The face wash is almost a gel-like consistency, but definitely works into a good lather, it claims to be able to remove “dirt, impurities and makeup gently and effectively.” I’ve only used it post makeup-removing wipe, but it is gentle, and dare I say actually made my skin feel squeaky clean – I kind of really wanted this to be a scam, but I actually found that the face wash and correcting gel combo reduced the redness of my breakouts, cleared areas of my skin, and left my skin feeling clean and slightly tightened, albeit a little dry. So, my final thoughts here, I actually will continue to use these products as they’ve made my skin look a bit healthier, clearer, and even a little more youthful. NOT A SCAM, but also not sponsored – I bought all of these products myself and am not affiliated with any brands!

I kept seeing Skyn Iceland as a sponsored post on my Instagram feed and also noticed that Sarah Hyland, future-wife, of ex-bacelorette contestant Wells Adams uses their face masks. The thing that made me curious enough to order from them was the fact that their “Face-Lift in-a-Bag” included Eye Gels, Smile Line Gels, and Forehead Line Gels. You know how some people have resting bitch face? Well, I have resting smiley-face, so I needed these smile line gels to work some magic, and I have to report – this was definitely a scam! I saw absolutely no difference after using these gels, and while I did enjoy the cooling effect, they literally offered me no lift at all, let alone a “Face-Lift in-a-Bag.” I will definitely not be repurchasing! The one and only thing that makes these totally unique to any other mask I’ve used is the fact that they aren’t gel-y, even though they’re deceptively called gels; you could adhere these to your face and actually continue your day with no fear of sliding or slipping, but again, they did nothing for me or my smile lines!

Last up, I’ve noticed a lot of ads for Function of Beauty lately, basically it’s shampoo, but custom to you – you take a little hair quiz, identify what your hair goals are, and go from there. Mostly, you can pick a color, and a flavor, and put your name on it, how instagrammable, but is it functional?! First things first, the smell is amazing – I did the peach scent and it smells sooo good! For my hair quiz, I put that my hair is straight, fine, and normal and that I wanted my shampoo to protect my color, lengthen my locks, while simultaneously strengthening my strands, offering thermal protection, and controlling oil, because who doesn’t want to go more days between washes. GUYS. I can confirm – this is not a scam, I love this shampoo…I swear my hair already grew, okay maybe that’s not totally true, but I’m officially no longer an every day washer. WHAT WILL I DO WITH ALL MY NEWFOUND FREE TIME? …

Probably order more stuff off Instagram to write about, but only if you want me to! Comment below if there’s a product you want me to buy and try!


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