Repost: Trying Recipes From Queer Eye – Butternut Squash Soup

Hi all, just casually re-posting my most viewed blog post of all time, because it’s fall and my biggest flex is being Google’s # 2 search result for “butternut squash soup queer eye.”


Queer Eye is literally the best show ever made; those boys are so fucking cute, and make me laugh and cry and believe that there’s good stuff in this life, and I want to nominate my mom and be best friends with JVN, because we could have the most gorg friendship moment of all time; seriously take me ice skating JONATHAN! I’m a super fan, as I’m writing this my t-shirt is French tucked into my pajama pants, and you better believeee I’m wearing a JVN approved skincare routine. But we’re here to talk about my second favorite thing, FOOD. Antoni always talks about how food can bring anyone together, so PLZ let this recipe bring me and the FAB 5 together like ASAP.

The kitchen moment on each episode is maybe a close second to any scene with JVN, Antoni’s broad shoulders, his leather jackets, the fresh ingredients, I’m drooling over ALL of it. I decided to try and recreate some of Antoni’s recipes in my kitchen, even though I’m a little struggs to func in the cooking department…but here goes nothing!

First up, Antoni’s Butternut Squash Soup – this soup was featured in season four’s final episode, when Matt prepared his farm to table dinner in the cutest barn ever with the cutest twinkle lights ever, with the cutest confidence ever. So, here’s what I did. I chopped and cubed 2 butternut squash, rough chopped 1 onion, rough chopped 2 stalks of celery, and laid them all out on a baking sheet, drizzled with EVOO, and sprinkled with salt&pepper, then I laid 4 sprigs of rosemary-Christmas-smelling-realness over top and baked at 400 degrees for about 45-50 minutes. Next, I took all my beautiful roasted veggies and put them in a soup pot, I removed the sprigs of rosemary and then added chicken broth to make the veggies a stew-like consistency, I let the veggies sit in their self-care-chicken-broth-bath until the broth turned orange in color, then poured the whole mix into a blender, I started with the lowest setting and worked my way up to high, then paused to add in one tiny container of heavy cream, returned to the pan and heated through. LET ME TELL YOU, this soup is serving creamy-dreamy-fall-realness and is absolutely FAB 5 approved. It was buttery, I didn’t use any butter, does butter come from butternut squash…just kidding! But, is butter a carb?

Anywayyy, this recipe was absolutely amaze, also worth noting that Antoni did use garlic for his veggie roast, I chose not to as I wanted a little bit of a sweeter taste, also feel like you could totally use more veggies if you wanted to, maybe a little sweet potato, maybe some gorg carrots, and so easy to make vegan by swapping chicken broth for veggie broth and subbing in your fav milk/cream alt instead of heavy cream! 10/10 would recommend.


P.S – I added a photo this go around – I topped my soup with a bit of sour cream and thyme!

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