The Christmas Gift Edit – My Christmas Wish List

Hi all – Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner, so today, I’m posting my Christmas wish list – my reasoning is two-fold, one, if you know someone like me, they’re likely to LOVE all of the items on this list, two, if you know me, like literally me (IRL) then consider your Christmas shopping made easy (Darren, I’m looking at you – Mom, I hope you’re reading too).

  1. I keep seeing this pan and it’s so aesthetically pleasing and it’s on sale and I think I need it. Since moving-in with Darren, and especially since working from home, I’ve really looked forward to cooking dinner, especially trying new recipes and something that’s made that process a little less exciting for me lately is seeing our scratched up skillet. I don’t want to say this pan is going to instantly make me a better cook, but maybe?
  2. I’ve basically been walking around my apartment wrapped up in my Barefoot Dreams blanket since March, so let’s make it official. I officially need a piece of Barefoot Dreams clothing because my blanket gets caught on sharp kitchen corners when I’m making coffee. I just want to live in this cardigan and these joggers.
  3. I love these Soludos Offline slippers – they’re a welcome reminder (one that I always seem to need) that the best stuff happens offline. So close that tab, log out, set yourself to away and enjoy an offline day.
  4. Do you know what I NEED? Like actually NEED? A set of matching wine glasses. I have 7 wine glasses to my name – that sounds like a lot for one person, except 4 of them match, 1 of them is a leftover from a broken set, and 2 of them were hand-me-downs. That number is dwindling – do you know how easy it is to break a wine glass when pulling it out of the dishwasher? SEND HELP.
  5. Darren and I have a French press, so this might seem silly, but Darren and I also routinely break French presses, so this is actually necessity. I think this is SO pretty and would double as really cute shelf decor. This is such a simple everyday item, but I think the rose gold adds a special enough touch to make it the perfect gift for the ex-barista in your life, AKA me!

Anyway, if there’s anything else I can’t live without, please comment below!


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