Gifts for Him: What I Got Darren for His Birthday

Hi all! This weekend we celebrated Darren’s 29th birthday and I thought I’d put together a quick gift guide to share what I got him. I decided to break his gifts up into four themes: gifts for our takeaway coffee walks, gifts for my favorite dog dad, gifts for the guy who listens to How to Money in the car, and gifts for the guy who has a hard time finding the right fit. Keep reading if you have a guy in your life that’s hard to gift…

Gifts for our takeaway coffee walks:

Something Darren and I have really looked forward to during the pandemic is taking a weekend drive into Uptown Kingston with Percy and grabbing a coffee to walk around with. Percy loves the exercise and all the people and dogs and Darren and I love the fresh air and the excuse to get out of the house. When coming up with some gift ideas, I thought it would be really nice to honor our new tradition. So I tried to get him some items for our takeaway coffee walks:

  1. This Favorite Daughter Mask Hoodie has a built in mask – it’s perfect to quickly slip on and off when sipping your coffee walking through town.
  2. I’ve never seen such a stylish hand sanitizer – this one by Noshinku is super sleek and compact – they also come in really lovely scents!
  3. Darren loves his sneakers so these shoe wipes are perfect for a quick on-the-go clean.
  4. Likewise, this water and stain repellant is great for those more wintery walks.
  5. I got Darren this takeaway coffee cup because it has a snap on lid, something that’s a necessity with a quick moving puppy!
  6. Lastly, I got Darren this P.F. Candle Co. Car Fragrance – it smells SO good.

Gifts for my favorite dog dad:

Since our world revolves around a certain golden retriever puppy named Percy, it only seemed fair to include some gifts from Percy/for Percy.

  1. I got Darren this Dog Dad hat from Lucy & Co. – I got myself a matching Dog Mom one because we’re just those dog owners.
  2. Not pictured – I got Darren and I sweatshirts from the loveliest woman on all of Instagram (if you ever need a custom sweatshirt – I cannot recommend @sayitwiththread enough), mine says Percy’s Mom and Darren’s says Percy’s Dad.
  3. Not pictured – I also ordered Darren a customized print of Percy on Etsy and it’s officially our most prized possession.

Gifts for the guy who listens to How to Money in the car:

Darren’s really enjoyed listening to How to Money, we listen to it whenever we’re in the car and he’s even started doing some investing and reading more about stocks.

  1. I got this Day Trader shirt for Darren on Etsy and I think he might even wear it!
  2. Not pictured – I also picked up a copy of the Motley Fool Investment Guide, which seems an essential for the stock novice.

Gifts for the guy who has a hard time finding the right fit:

Darren has an impossible time finding clothes that fit – since he works out every day he has bigger thighs and arms, but a slim waist – over the years he’s discovered a few brands that work for him and while they’re pricy, they fit like tailored clothes and are such good quality.

  1. I picked up a few of Cuts Clothing’s Crew Curve-Hems – this one is in Granite.
  2. I love this color so much – this is the Henley Split-Hem in Chateau.
  3. I also picked up his favorite boxers – Calvin Klein boxer briefs.
  4. Darren has a long sleeve in this color and it looks so nice on him – this is the Hoodie Classic in Mist.
  5. This is the long sleeve Crew Curve-Hem in Moonlight.
  6. Another of the Crew Curve-Hem – this one is in Laurel Oak.
  7. Another of the Crew Curve-Hem – this one is in Mirage.

While I didn’t order these this time – if you’re looking for jeans for an athletic guy, Darren loves Revtown and their jeans make a great gift too!

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back soon!


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