The Christmas Gift Edit – Gifts for the Girl Who Didn’t go to Paris

This year, my friend had to cancel a trip that she was so looking forward to, a dream trip to Paris with her husband. So, I thought I’d put together a little late housewarming/early Christmas/thinking of you gift for “the girl who didn’t go to Paris” – cue Lauren Conrad’s single mascara tear in Lisa Love’s office.

I wanted the gift’s theme to be Paris and self-care and here’s what I went for:

  1. When I saw this Paris Cityscape frame from Anthropologie, I knew it was perfect and I love the idea of her having it for when her and her husband do go to Paris.
  2. I wanted this gift to have a self-care element and saw this Pisces candle at Target. My friend is really into astrology and this smells divine.
  3. I bought these Starry eyes sleep masks from Anthropologie in a 5-pack and they’ve made a really great filler gift for a few gifts I’m putting together this Christmas. I also think of stars when I think of Paris, and it goes with the astrology bit too!
  4. I love Harney & Sons Tea and know that Paris is a fan favorite and thought that it really tied together the themes of this gift.
  5. I actually bought this Sleep Mist ages ago, during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I just loved the packaging and even though I didn’t know who it would be a gift for, I knew it would make a great gift!

I really love the way this one came together, I love that everything is black, white, gold, and purple and that it looks so nice in a box, let me know what you think below!


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