Most Asked Questions: What Do You Do? Like What’s Your Job? Do You Make Money Blogging?

Hi there, a very long time ago I started a Most Asked Questions series (you can find the first post from that series here: When are You and Darren Getting Engaged?) and today I’m back to answer another one of my most asked questions. This one pops up from time to time in my DMs, or even sometimes when I run into someone from high school in real life and it is “What do you do? Like what’s your job? Do you make money blogging?”

What do you do? Like what’s your job?

I work at Etsy! I’ve worked there for almost two and a half years and get to spend my days doing the thing I always said I wanted to do – writing, sometimes emails, sometimes more important stuff. The best bit? I get to bring my quirky self to work everyday and get to spend time thinking about words and which ones are the rights ones and when and where.

Do you make money blogging?

Yes. In the past four years (can you believe I’ve been blogging for four years?) I’ve made approximately $4.81.

Aren’t you still in school too?

Yes, I’ve been pursuing my MBA since January 2019 – are you doing the math? Yes, most people would have already been done by now, but I only take one or two classes a semester, so I’ve got maybe another year or so to go. Why an MBA? I always knew my English degree wasn’t the end, and while I thought I might get an MFA in creative writing, or go on to study a more specific type of literature, an interest in business and people led me to SUNY New Paltz’s MBA program. Is it all I hoped it’d be, not exactly, but it’s important to me to finish and it was important to my dad too.


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