A Round Up of My Favorite Blog Posts I've Ever Written

Hi all! I wanted to post a quick round up of my favorite blog posts, from well… my own blog. If you’re like me, you might be feeling a bit like you’ve consumed everything there is to consume on the internet – well, if that’s the case and you ended up here, I wanted to recommend a few blogs that make me smile when I read them back now…

If you wanted to start with my most-viewed blog post of ALL time – you’ll want to start with this one: Trying Recipes from Queer Eye – Butternut Squash Soup – not sure why this is my most viewed blog post of all time, but definitely makes me feel inspired to re-watch EVERY episode and pick some new recipes to try!

If you wanted to start at the VERY beginning, where it all started – you’ll want to check out this post: My Quarter Life Crisis – first off, there’s a Jane Austen reference in there, but basically, I started my blog when I was feeling a bit lonely and confused and when I was feeling a bit guilty for feeling lonely and confused. It’s so interesting to look back on how I felt 2+ years ago today, I wish I could give my 25 year old self a hug, show her a picture of her new apartment and new life and tell her to just be!

If you wanted to read about me and Darren falling truly, madly, deeply in love – and that time I wore an oversized see-through t-shirt into Hannaford with black lace underwear – you’ll want to read this one: 5 Times Darren was My Lobster.

If you wanted to read about my ex-boyfriends, you can do that too – these blogs were some of my favorites and felt so good to write: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, thank u, next – Why Just Like Ariana I’m Grateful for my Ex, and The One Story I Never Told.

And if you wanted something that makes you feel like you should be living life to the fullest, even when times are hard – you’ll want to check this one out: November Update.

I hope that’s enough to get you started – a highlight reel of the past 2.5 years, but if you like what you see – feel free to click around, you can only refresh Instagram so many times per minute anyway!


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