4th of July Edit – My FAVORITE Sweatshirts/Sweaters are on Sale!

Hi all – just a super quick post to let you know that KJP is having a 4th of July sale! Kiel James Patrick sells the loveliest American-made clothes. They also happen to be located in my favorite place – Newport, Rhode Island and while I’ve never actually been in their store, I only discovered them after my latest visit, me and Darren actually have a picture right outside their doors – if you’ve ever been to Newport, they’re right on the wharf. Anyway, they’re doing 25% off, so I thought I’d share!

All of my favorite sweaters are KJP, last fall I picked up this gorgeous leaf sweater, which might just be my most favorite and most complimented sweater of all time:

I also splurged on a Christmas sweater from there in a fair isle reindeer print (how don’t I have a picture of this one?!). They post clothes seasonally, so while these aren’t currently available – I was inspired to fall in love with something new!

I just ordered two of these sweatshirts, one for me and one for my mom – my dad loved JFK and I think these are a great nod to him and will be the perfect look on election day, gentle reminder to VOTE:


The sale runs now through July 7th and I couldn’t recommend shopping KJP enough!


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