Six Years – What I Got Darren for Our Anniversary

Guys! I am so pleased with what I got Darren for our anniversary, but also we’ve been together for SIX years – can you believe?! Anyway, I’m absolutely chuffed with what I got him and just think it’s the PERFECT gift for literally any occasion and sharing is caring and caring is love, so here I am!

I actually saw someone post about this on Instagram and ordered it on a whim because I loved it and it took a really long time to ship because of the pandemic and then I kind of worried that it was a scam, but then it came and it wasn’t a scam and EVERYTHING IS FINE and it’s perfect.

Okay okay, for the big reveal – I ordered the “Moments Frame” from Inkifi. This $145.00 frame houses 52 60mm x 60mm prints of “your most special moments.” I don’t really know if this was a gift for him, or for me – I was filled with nostalgia looking through my Photos to find 52 pictures of us from day one to year six.

I realize that it’s maybe a little pricey for what it is, which is why I wanted to point out something similar for a bit less. I found this frame on Urban Outfitters and think that it also could make a lovely anniversary gift! It holds 6 Instax Mini shots, I actually love the idea of gifting this to everyone on Christmas morning and filling it up during the day with memories, Hallmark Christmas magic realness. It would also be the cutest thing to gift to someone on their bridal, or baby shower, with an Instax camera! The gift ideas are endless and SO special. There’s also this mini one, which would be fun to gift everyone at a birthday dinner, or at a house-warming party! Okay, I’ll stop!

Anyway, Darren and I started our relationship with him begging to take my pants off in the backseat of a car in a Target parking lot and I only hope that tonight ends the same way – I’m off for now!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on your 6 years! May you and Darren have 60 plus years of happiness together as your grandad and I did. There will be rough times , as I am sure you know, but when you love one another and work together it always seems to work out as it is supposed to. Take care of your selves and stay safe. Love, Nanny xo

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