The Christmas Gift Edit – Gifts for Someone Looking to Freshen Up Their Space

This year my brother’s girlfriend let me know that she was looking to freshen up their space – SAY NO MORE – I love home decor. My mind immediately went to warm tones and blushes and pinks and then I remembered that my brother lives there too. I immediately liked the idea of wine glasses and flatware – something they mentioned they needed. Other than that, the only guidance Chelsea (my brother’s girlfriend) gave me was that she would love anything I picked out. I really wanted everything I picked out to be cohesive – they have a pretty neutral space right now, a blue couch, a beige rug. She did mention wanting it to look and feel cozy. Anyway, here’s what I went with:

  1. My brother specifically said that they needed a dish set – I found this one at Crate and Barrel and really love it.
  2. While I was on their site, I noticed these Crate and Barrel wine glasses, which are all over Instagram. I really like how modern they are and that they don’t look traditional at all – I’ve even seen dessert served in them – yum!
  3. I actually bought this throw during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale over the summer – I don’t think you can go wrong with a nice plaid, especially during cozy season. I think this is also a subtle nod to Andy and Chelsea’s recent camping trip – it makes me want a s’more real bad!
  4. Me and Chelsea both love Taylor Swift, so I got her Taylor’s favorite candle – Byredo’s Tree House. It’s magical.
  5. I picked-up this flatware set from Target and Darren, we need gold flatware.

And here’s what I almost went with – you can just call this “Stephanie’s Christmas list…”

  1. I keep seeing this pan EVERYWHERE and it’s probably definitely not as amazing as every influencer says, but I just LOVE the color so much.
  2. This mirror from Anthropologie is beautiful and if I ever have a white brick fireplace and a mantle – this is going there.
  3. I love how fresh this throw feels, the perfect transition into the new year!
  4. Darren, remember when I said we need gold flatware. I really love THIS set.
  5. I need matching wine glasses! I have a mismatched half-set and they’re SO easy to break. Olivia Pope’s are still my favorite.

I also thought of some home decor stocking stuffers, just in case you’re like me and like to stick to a theme!

  1. I’ve never really thought of a wine rack as decor, but Anthropologie has the prettiest ones.
  2. I love this little jar and think candles can really warm up a space – plus, this one is cider scented!
  3. I love the idea of gifting someone a chessboard and the knives to go with it and maybe little cheese markers and some lovely nuts and jams – I just really love cheese.
  4. How cute is this pillow?! So cute, I’d just put a bow on it!
  5. I’ve bought two of these throws already – they’re from Target and $10 and they’re SO soft.

Anyway, that’s all for now – another gift guide coming soon!


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