The Gymshark Review that Absolutely No One Asked For

Hi there – today’s post feels a bit random considering I’ve never posted about workout clothes or working out before, BUT I recently went back to the gym after about a year off and I’ve become obsessed with Gymshark. Darren had bought me a few pairs of Gymshark leggings pre-pandemic and honestly I thought they were a bit overpriced – I found a similar fitting legging on Amazon and went on with my life, but then loungewear became an every day (all day) sort of thing and now a year later, I can honestly say that the Gymshark leggings still look brand new.

Anyway, into the Gymshark review that absolutely no one asked for – first things first the leggings. I wear the flex high waisted in a medium and just love how high waisted they are, I also really like what they call “contour shading,” basically the fabric down your legs and around your butt is slightly darker, giving a bit of shape. As far as sizing goes I can actually pretty comfortably wear a small or medium (I’m 5’5 and 125ish pounds), but prefer that the medium has a little more stretch when working out. I picked these up in the black, charcoal, and light grey.

Next up, I ordered a few tops. I really like crop tops for working out, especially because my leggings are SO high waisted. I picked up this training cropped sweater in light pink and while I laughed the first time I tried it on (it looks ridiculous with a regular bra), I really like the way it looks with a longer line sports bra. I will say that this top is really only ideal for leg day because it lifts a lot while moving my upper body, but I mostly train legs so that works for me. Next up, I got this seamless long sleeve crop top in light grey marl – while this one isn’t something I would normally gravitate toward – it’s super fitted – I actually really like it for working out, it makes me feel confident and strong. Lastly, I picked up this essential tee in taupe and I’m in love. I didn’t even realize online, but the tee actually has a slit up the slide and is longer on the one side, while it’s shown tied, I actually really like it untied too, I’ll be ordering one of these in every color.

I hate sports bras – I actually just hate bras, but I have to say these (the training sports bra and the seamless spots bra) are the most comfy sports bras I’ve ever owned and were pretty reasonably priced compared to other ones I’ve bought in the past (I bought a medium in each and am a 32C).

Anyway, that’s all for now, if only working out was as easy as writing about workout clothes, or shopping for them!


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